Industry Updates Monthly Report


Keeping on top of industry trends can be challenging. There's an overload of information. It's not clear what the implications are. The future is far from certain.

Kapronasia works with clients every day to help them quickly understand and adapt to the latest market trends and developments through our Monthly Fintech Reviews. These reports are regularly produced for clients who are looking to get updates on the latest developments, benchmark their strategy against competitors, or look for new opportunities across Asia’s key markets. They are 100% customized to each client and are designed to give clear, actionable advice for clients on how to handle market opportunities and challenges that are specific to them.

In this sample report from December 2021, we look at the state of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) across Asia Pacific and provide country-specific analysis for a select few countries that warranted extra attention at the time. The report also tracks the development of key trends and closes with actionable advice to the client.

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