Webinar - Investigating risk reduction and cost control through better trading fee management

The on-going streamlining and de-siloing of technology, trading and operations across various business lines has brought with it new challenges, new opportunities and a competitive advantage for early adopters. Competitive pressures and anemic economic growth continue to compress fees and drive institutions to seek out further reductions in costs and greater working capital efficiency.

One area garnering increasing attention, and surprisingly, often overlooked, is the accuracy, reliability and visibility of execution fees and commissions, the bread and butter of the brokerage industry. This webinar will examine in granular detail the real challenges and the potential opportunities of having full, true and complete visibility into the fees you are paying and receiving.

The webinar also includes a review of some of the key results of an independent research report by Kapronasia on commission management looking at how institutions across Asia are facing and handling the commission management challenge. An electronic copy of the 16-page report will be made available to all registered webinar participants.

This webinar has already happened. To access the recording please use one of the links below or download from the client section of the website. 

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