Popular social media and entertainment platforms have reset customer expectations. They are now looking for that same mobile-first, hyper-personalized, on-demand experience from their FI/financial services/bank. For many of the players, including the region's new digital banks, a digital-first technology infrastructure allows them to offer customized products and services to their customers, creating extremely specific “micro journeys” to engage customers on a new level—something that traditional players struggle to match.

Webinar: Harnessing the power of ecosystems to create hyper-personalized customer experiences

Date: Wednesday, 20th October 2021 

Time: 10:30am SGT / 8:00am IST

“Harnessing the power of ecosystems to create hyper-personalized customer experiences,is a virtual expert panel hosted by Kapronasia in partnership with AWS and TCS. This timely discussion features key industry leaders who will share their insights on best practices in executing digital initiatives and what FIs/financial services/banks are doing today and need to do tomorrow if they want to retain their existing customers and grow their customer base.

Gain exclusive insights on:

  • Aligning your vision and business strategy with your technology strategy
  • Applications modernization and the rise of collaborative ecosystems
  • The shift to cloud-native, open API, microservices-based architectures
  • The various hosting options and considerations: On-prem, public/multi-cloud, hybrid
  • Underlying connectivity implications and considerations
  • The need for scalable infrastructure 
  • The drive to edge computing systems 
  • The role data analytics, AI, and machine-learning can play in becoming more customer-centric


  • Zennon Kapron, Director – Kapronasia (Moderator)
  • David Fodor, Head of Business Development, A&NZ FS - Amazon Web Services
  • Srinivasa Kumar Yerchuru, VP & Global Head, BFSI Industry Advisory – TCS
  • Sachin Sarma, Chief Product Officer - Standard Chartered nexus