Webinar - China's Prepaid Card Market in 2012

As many of you know, prepaid, or stored value cards are an important part of the payments market in China. Before 2011, prepaid cards were largely unregulated products and were thriving all over China. Not only did they provide a significant way for companies to minimize their taxation requirements, they also offered a convenient substitute for cash by individuals.

Recently however, as regulations have changed, so has the industry. And quite rapidly. In this informative, 45 minute webinar, we’ll explore some of the most important questions in China's prepaid card market today including:

  • Whether new rules for this industry are a bane or boon?
  • The market size, and its future
  • Where is the market going, and how card issuers will act in the future
  • What benefits can vendors gain from this industry, and where to uncover the potential opportunities?

This webinar has already happened. To access the recording please use one of the links below or download from the client section of the website. 

China's Prepaid Card Market 2012 Webinar recording