Webinar - China's Online Payment Market in 2012

With online commerce booming in China, consumers are able to order just about anything online and have it delivered cheaply and efficiently. Traditionally these transactions were conducted as 'cash on delivery', but this is rapidly changing as online payment providers start to fill the gap.

Before 2011, like prepaid cards, online payment providers were largely unregulated and the market was booming. Recently however, regulations have changed, which is directly affecting the prospects of these companies.

This webinar from Kapronasia explores some of the most important questions in China's online payment market today including:

  • How do the new regulations affect the market players?
  • What is the market size? How about future?
  • Where is the market going?
  • How will card issuers act in the future?
  • What benefits can vendors gain from this industry? 
  • Where are the potential opportunities?

This webinar has already happened. To access the recording please use one of the links below or download from the client section of the website.