Webinar - China's Credit Card Industry 2012, What's next?

China traditionally has been a very cash based society. When credit cards first started to appear on the market, uptake was slow and banks struggled to find a business model that worked. Several years later, the market has changed dramatically. Now as an increasingly popular payment tool, the credit card has played a pivotal role in the stimulation of domestic consumption, with total card circulation exceeding 280 million and transaction value accounting for 42% of China’s total retail spending value.

The China's Credit Card Industry 2012, What's next? webinar will explore some of the most important questions in the credit card market today including: 

  • How did the market develop so fast?
  • What is the market size? How about future?
  • What is the customer behavior? How will banks act in the future?
  • What benefits can vendors gain from this industry? Where are the potential opportunities?

The Webinar is based of Kapronasia's forthcoming report of the same name.

This webinar has already happened. To access the recording please use one of the links below or download from the client section of the website.