Webinar - ATMs in China 2014

The ATM market in China has maintained strong growth in the last ten years with the deployed number of ATMs peaking at 520,000 units in 2013, surpassing the number of ATMs deployed in the US and making China the largest ATM market in the world.

ATM smallThus, understanding current and future progress in this fascinating market is essential for every player considering entry.

This complimentary webinar from Kapronasia will look at some of the key insights from Kapronasia’s “ATMs in China 2014 – A in-depth look at opportunities and challenges in China’s ATM market" report, and will answer following questions:

  • Who are the main ATM buyers?
  • Which ATM market sector has the most rapid growth?
  • Why foreign manufacturers are loosing their market share to domestic ATM producers?
  • What VTMs in China are and how they will change the industry landscape?

A copy of the ATMs in China Slides can be downloaded here

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