Webinar: 2018 Top-10 Asia Pacific Fintech Trends

Profit at China's Big Five banks is declining as the popularity of internet banks such as WeBank grows. Can China's banks find their place in the new fintech world?

The remarkable rise of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin garnered the mainstream media’s attention and new investment tools such as ICOs exploded into popularity as Asia played a leading role. Will ICOs continue in Asia in 2018? Is it just a speculative bubble? Will Singapore cement its role at the center of ICOs in Asia?

Although many may not see cryptocurrencies as the future, the underlying blockchain technology it has given birth to has plenty of potential for the financial services industry. A range of blockchain companies have been created, with promises of providing solutions to the industry’s biggest issues. Will 2018 see blockchain move on from the infancy stage?

Small loans and individual investments have recently soared in popularity and acceptance in China. However, we have also seen quicker and sterner regulatory reactions from the Chinese government. Tight regulation on P2P lending and ICOs are key examples of this. Will China continue its hard stance in 2018?

To help clients and industry participants better understand these trends and more, we are excited to share our upcoming 8th annual Top-10 Asia Pacific Fintech Trends Webinar which will be launched simultaneously with our - 2018 Top-10 Trends in Asia Pacific Fintech Trends Report.

Date: Thursday, January 25th, 2018 

Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM China Standard Time (BJ/HK/Singapore)


This webinar has already concluded, but the recording can be viewed below.

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