Webinar - 2015 Top-10 Financial Technology Trends

Alibaba was one of the biggest IPOs in history and the company has been on an acquisition tear in the past couple of years. Will Alibaba's initiatives and acquisitions redefine the financial industry?

Bitcoin hit a wall in China in 2013, yet grew in 2014 as China's exchanges became the largest in the world. What will 2015 hold for the digital currency and its peers?

The Shanghai HK connect was one of the most talked about initiatives in 2014, yet was the launch a success and will it continue this year?

Online payments, e-commerce, private banks, hedge funds and digital currency are just a few of the key drivers that have reshaped the industry in 2014 and will continue to drive change and reform in 2015.

Top10To help clients and industry participants better understand what lies ahead for financial technology in China and Asia, Kapronasia is proud to announce our 5th annual top-10 financial technology trends webinar. For the first time, in addition to the banking and capital markets trends that we normally cover, we will be adding a Top-10 report in 2015 looking at Digital Currency trends. Although we will only briefly touch on each of the three reports, we will be publishing the following reports:

A copy of the 2015 Top-10 Financial Technology Trends Webinar Slides can be downloaded here.

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