Webinar - Staying Resilient: How Financial Institutions are Leveraging Automation to Innovate and Compete

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As 2021 gets underway, executives at financial institutions will be breathing a sigh of relief that the previous year is finally behind them. However, similar pressures remain. Namely how to respond and adapt quickly to rapid changes in competition, demand, technology, and regulations. To succeed in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment financial institutions will have to respond quickly to changes in customer needs and stay ahead of the competition. Most executives are now already familiar with the concepts of Agile and DevOps, but in order to leverage these practices, infrastructure also needs to be primed to enable software developers to turn around iterations to products and services quickly.

Join us on March 25th, for our upcoming virtual expert panel, Staying Resilient: How Financial Institutions are Leveraging Automation to Innovate and Compete, hosted by Kapronasia in partnership with Red Hat and Intel. This timely discussion features key industry leaders who will share their insights on how financial services organizations, driven by heightened consumer expectations, pressure from non-traditional service providers, evolving regulations and security concerns must remain adaptable in this new reality. To do this effectively, financial services firms need automation capabilities to ensure that they can quickly deliver value to customers, create the scale and capabilities to compete against new digitally native competitors, and remain secure and compliant.

Webinar: Staying Resilient: How Financial Institutions are Leveraging Automation to Innovate and Compete

Date: Thursday, 25th March 2021

Time: 10 am - 11.30 am (SGT)

Who should attend: FSI Technologists tasked with Transformation, IT Decision Makers

Gain exclusive insights on:

  • How the market is shifting and driving the need for more agile and automated solutions
  • Ensuring that your automation is fast, secure, and inclusive to keep pace with the market and the demands of your customers
  • Creating, managing and scaling repeatable instructions to provision, deploy, optimize and secure your complex infrastructure, network, associated policies, and applications across a hybrid cloud ecosystem
  • Best practices on helping your organization improve existing processes and execute your digital initiatives
  • Improving operational efficiency, management, and scalability of heterogeneous IT environments where regulatory compliance and security are primary concerns

The morning’s webinar looks at the constraints developers face under increasing pressure to become more agile. Automation helps to remediate the issue by freeing up your developers to value add and solve your business issues. This session is aimed at FSI technologists tasked with transformation and IT decision makers. The afternoon’s Hands-on workshop, aimed at Developers, Architects, System Administrators, and FSI technologists looks at how IT automation can be implemented to resolve developers’ problems.

Webinar Recording: Staying Resilient