Panel Discussion - The Dynamic Nature of Asia's Cross-border Payments Market

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Cross-border payment volume is booming worldwide, driven by increased economic connectivity and rapid technological advances. Traditional financial institutions, Big Tech and fintech upstarts are all vying for their respective share of an estimated US$156 trillion market.

Amid the cross-border payment surge, a wide variety of alternative payment rails that execute transactions in real time or near real time have sprung up. These rails are provided by fintechs, card companies, platform companies, cross-border QR based payments network connectivity by central banks, blockchain networks and even incumbent banks.

The sheer number of rails has led to intense market competition that is gradually redefining the cross-border payments landscape. Financial institutions and fintechs sometime cooperate with each other or bank on one currency corridor, and compete on another.

Kapronasia is excited to be partnering with Finastra for our next panel looking at the future of cross-border payments in Asia. The webinar will look at:

  • The key drivers of cross-border payments change
  • How banks are re-thinking their approach to cross-border payments
  • The new rails and options that banks have
  • The role that infrastructure plays in enabling change

Panel Discussion: The Dynamic Nature of Asia's Cross-border Payments Market

Date: December 8th, 2022

Time: 10 AM SGT/HKT


  • Deepan Dagur, Head of Visa Direct, APAC, Visa
  • Rhidoi Krishnakumar, Regional Head of DBS Remit, DBS
  • Dheeraj Joshi, Regional Head, Finastra
  • Moderator: Zennon Kapron, Founder and Director, Kapronasia


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