Wealth Management in China

High minimum investment thresholds, the expense of professional advice, and the general lack of access to wealth management tools have all served as challenges for small retail investors in China. However, financial technology is now empowering them by lowering the costs and expanding access, thereby making it easier to manage one’s wealth.
Wealth Management in China
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China’s wealth management industry has completed an amazing journey. From its humble beginnings of basic bank deposits it has developed into its current state where there are now a great number of services available offering a whole spectrum of asset classes. Innovations in fintech are enabling more and more investors to put their money to use where previously only affluent investors were able to do so.

The Wealth Management in China report looks at how fintech is democratizing investments and then examines the implications both for assisted and self-directed wealth management in China. 

Wealth Management in China Report Details:

  • Pages: 20 (excluding cover/back pages)
  • Tables and charts: 8

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • The development of investment options
  • Professional wealth management for HNWIs
  • Internet and the democratization of wealth management
  • The future of assisted wealth management
  • The future of self-directed wealth management
  • Conclusion

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