Trends in Small and Medium Banking in China

Since the late 1970s when market reforms first started to open Chinese markets to foreign companies, software companies have made continuous inroads into the market. Initially, many were focused on the ‘big-5’ banks. Although these banks are some of the largest, they are often some of the more conservative banks in the industry and typically have a very long refresh cycle. Some of the best fintech opportunities today lie with Small and Medium banks.

Published: February 2011

Report Description

Challenged by the market dominance and tremendous capital bases of the large banks, small and medium banks in China have sometimes struggled to make inroads, yet through a combination of sub-segment focus, innovative products and better customer service, small and medium banks have worked sometimes successfully and sometimes not too successfully to differentiate themselves in the market.

A key method of differentiation has been through the adoption of new and innovative IT solutions to help the bank overcome customer service challenges and provide something different to the market. In this Small and Medium Banks in China report, we look at some of the key trends in the sub-segment as well as identify IT gaps and needs giving the reader a real sense of where the IT opportunities and challenges are in the small and medium bank segment in China.

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Trends in Small and Medium Banking in China Report Details

  • Number of Pages: 32 (excluding cover/back pages)
  • Number of Tables & Charts: 22

Table of Contents

  • Market Overview
  • Overview of China’s Macroeconomic Environment
  • Overview of China’s Banking Sector
  • General Overview
  • Joint-stock Commercial Banks Overview
  • Rural Banking
  • Current Situation and Trends of SMB IT Development in China
  • IT Decision-making Processes and Vendor Selection Criteria
  • IT Demands from SMB and Market Gaps
  • Market Gaps
  • Challenges for Foreign IT Vendors Entering China’s Market
  • Strategic Recommendations for Foreign Financial IT Vendors