Trading in Australia

The Australian market is in a unique position as it is closely tied to both the more developed Western capital markets and the growing Asian markets. Although Australia’s capital markets do not receive the attention of some of the other Asian markets, a sound legal system, liquidity, increased competition and a variety of products and asset classes will continue to make the Australian markets an attractive place for future investment.
Trading in Australia
Published: March 2015

These advantages seem to be paying off as trading increases across Australia. From 2012-2013, trading in non-government debt, currency options and futures options all increased by more than 30%. This, coupled with an increasingly relevant asset management industry, highly developed trading tools and strong ecosystem development offer a number of unique opportunities for capital markets participants in this southern outpost of Asia.

Trading in Australia Report Details:

  • Pages: 15 (excluding cover/back pages)
  • Tables and charts: 8

Table of Contents:

  • Market Trends
  • Asset Classes in Australia
  • Regulators and Regulation
  • Technology and Creativity
  • Summary

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