State of Regtech in APAC - a report from Kapronasia and Enterprise Ireland

Asia, with its gleaming skyscrapers dotting some of the world's major financial centers and home to more than half the world's population, is at an inflection point. Facing spiralling compliance costs and a dynamic regulatory environment, financial institutions have turned to regulatory technology (regtech) to help acheive compliance while minimising risk from misconduct and regulatory investigations.

Published: Jul 2021

Report Description

Asia-Pacific is expected to become the new engine of regtech growth and innovation in the future, driven by the rapid development of emerging Asian markets and financial systems, increased investment in new technologies and digital transformation, greater regulatory acceptance, and extensive infrastructure development. For the developed Asian economies, regtech uptake is being driven by a convoluted financial ecosystem and a rise in complex regulations. For the emerging Asian economies, regtech uptake is driven more by the business case and under-resourced regulators. We cover the state of regtech in Asia Pacific, including highly detailed chapters on individual countries, in this report with Enterprise Ireland.

Report Highlights:

  • Development of digital economies in APAC
  • Key financial industry regulation drivers in Asia
  • Roadblocks and challenges for regtechs in APAC
  • Government and regulator initiatives
  • Ecosystem partners
  • Detailed country chapters for: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, Indonesia, Japan (provided by FinTech Association of Japan and EY), Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Enterprise Ireland's regtech map

State of Regtech in APAC - a report from Kapronasia and Enterprise Ireland Report Details

  • Number of Pages: 311
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Development of Digital Economies in APAC
  • Digital Take-off in Asia
  • Key Financial Industry Regulation Drivers in Asia
  • Roadblocks and Challenges for Regtechs in APAC
  • Asian Regtech Solutions and Technology Review
  • Impact of Covid-19
  • Conclusions
  • Country Chapters