China Rural Finance

As the second largest economy in the world, China has come a long way in a very short period of time and many of its first tier cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, feel like any other large international cities in Europe or America. But China is still a developing country, and this is readily apparent in its more rural areas. There, one can see the effects of polluted air, food, and rivers. Empty villages bear witness to water loss, soil erosion, and land desolation. While China has experienced an unprecedented period of modernization, the benefits have not been evenly enjoyed across the country.

Published: March 2017

Report Description

Rural finance has consistently been a priority of several Chinese governments, but the public sector has struggled to overcome the challenges of providing financial solutions in 3rd and 4th tier markets across China. 

Fintech and the efforts of a select number of third party financial players are working to bridge that gap and have made significant progress. 

In this report from Kapronasia, we look at some of the key players in the rural finance space and how they are bringing new and innovative solutions to bring a large segment of China's population into the financial fold. 

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China Rural Finance Report Details

  • Number of Pages: 20 (excluding cover/back pages)
  • Number of Tables & Charts: 4

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Rural China & Finance
  • Difficulties Developing a Financial System in Rural China
  • The Internet Bridges the Gap
  • International Experience 
  • Case Studies
  • Conclusion