Payment Cards in China 2017

Being the first country to fully integrate digital and mobile payments, the Chinese payment market is unlike any other in the world. However, what does this unique situation mean for the traditional payment card industry in China? In this report by Kapronasia, we take a look at the key challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.

Published: November 2017

Report Description

With the third party digital payments sector just reaching an impressive value of RMB 100 trillion, one could be forgiven for thinking that the card payment industry is facing possible extinction. There is no disputing the fact that these new and innovative non-banking entrants have significantly disrupted the sector, however, despite this, payment cards have surprisingly continued to grow at a rate of around 10-20%. 

This report analyses the methods through which payment cards have continued to grow and how they can maintain this growth in a highly competitive market, driven by innovation. In order to achieve this, the analysis has taken into account consumer payment habits as well as the current risks and regulation attached to the card payment industry.

In addition to this, the success of digital payments has been addressed and how the card market reacted and adapted to this new threat. The report goes on to discuss the future of the Chinese card market, how it can incorporate new technology into its business model and the potential of new foreign entrants into the market.


Payment Cards in China 2017 Report Details

  • Number of Pages: 24 (excluding cover/back pages)
  • Number of Tables & Charts: 15

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Overview of China Card Market, Data Update
  • Card Market Competition
  • Card Payment Risks
  • New Development In The Card System
  • The Future

Graphs and Charts:

  • M0 Circulation in China
  • Non Bank Payment Institutions Digital Payment Transactions By Volume 
  • Non Bank Payment Institutions Digital Payment Amounts
  • Number Of Bank Cards In Circulation In China
  • Consumption Amount Through Bank Cards 
  • Bank Card Usage By Categories 
  • Chinese Banks Risk And Complaints Ranking
  • Credit Card Issuance Growth VS Credit Card Usage Growth
  • Credit Card Balances In China
  • Market Share By Credit Card Assets 2016
  • Credit Card App Downloads and CMB App Registered Members VS Active Yearly Users 
  • Types Of Fee And Methods Of Collection
  • Card Fees Based On PBOC's New Fee Structure
  • Different Bank Account Categories Under PBOC's New Rules
  • ATM Manufacturer Share Market In China 2016