Overview of Intellectual Property (IP) Protection for Fintech Firms in China

Intellectual property protection is a key consideration for financial technology companies in China. In this report, we look at the current issues and trends in IP protection in China and help companies understand the realities of selling their software or hardware into China.

Published: January 2011

Report Description

One of the strongest criticisms of the growth and development of China in the past few years has been the lack of focus on intellectual property (IP) protection. Stories abound of companies releasing a piece of software one day and being able to buy it at the local DVD shop the next day. Many firms have looked at China, looked at the IP protection situation and said 'no, thanks.'

But how real are these concerns? Foreign tech giants like Intel and Microsoft have made the Chinese market a key part of their global strategy going forward. Do they know something that everyone else doesn't? How do they justify the risk?

In Kapronasia's Overview of Intellectual Property for Fintech Firms in China report, we take a look at the history of intellectual property protection in China, the current issues and what to expect for the future. We also take a look at a couple of large foreign companies and their strategies for entering the market and mitigating the IP risk. This report is essential reading for any technology firm doing or seeking to do business in China.

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Overview of Intellectual Property (IP) Protection for Fintech Firms in China Report Details

  • Number of Pages: 21 (excluding cover/back pages)
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Background of IPR in China
  • China’s Current IPR Situation
  • Trends in The Chinese Fintech Industry
  • Case Study: Microsoft in China
  • Key Findings & Recommendations for Fintech Companies
  • Conclusion