Navigating the Future of Fintech in Asia

Although fintech has been a global phenomenon, nowhere has the combination of finance and technology been as impactful as in Asia. This report examines some of the key fintech trends that have been re-shaping Asia’s financial industry thusfar as well as examine the trends that will shape the future.

Published: Mar 2024

Report Description

Against this dynamic backdrop, the Asia Pacific fintech industry faces a changing future. New technologies and business models will continue redefining the possible while regulators and market participants struggle with thorny issues and questions. Collaboration appears set to gain priority over competition in this ecosystem driving global change. Despite this, the region will remain at the forefront of fintech development globally as fintechs, financial institutions, regulators, and the ecosystem as a whole work to make financial services better for both the financially excluded and included. Although challenges lie ahead, so might the bright future of fintech in Asia.

Navigating the Future of Fintech in Asia Report Details

  • Number of Pages: 24
  • Number of Tables & Charts: 5

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Continued Value-Add of Payments in Asia
  • Digital Lending Models and Opportunities
  • Digital Banks Reach their Make or Break Moment
  • Asia’s Wealthtech Revolution: A Quiet Disruption
  • The Continued Rise of Insuretech
  • Technologies that Will Shape the Future
  • The Risk of the Future
  • Realizing Asia Pacific’s Fintech Promise