Digital Insurance in China

Although China's insurance industry is hundreds of years old, it has only been during the last decade that we have seen significant growth. With the advent of digital, now the industry is moving in an entirely new direction.
Digital Insurance in China
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Although the idea of risk sharing appeared over 2000 years ago in the time of Confucius, formal insurance systems were not set up until the 1980s, due to unique events in China’s history. But after only 30 years of development, China's insurance market is now the third largest in the world.

China's insurance industry growth shows no signs of slowing. Digital insurance, the combination of traditional insurance ideas and new technology including digital distribution, Big Data, and blockchain, has experienced a global boom over the last 5 years. China has also experienced rapid growth in digital insurance and there are now many products and providers available.

This report discusses the rise of digital insurance in China and compares it with traditional insurance models. It examines in detail the technological enablers that underlie digital insurance offerings. It also analyzes the Chinese digital insurance market from the perspectives of its providers, products, and regulation. Finally, the report discusses the future prospects of digital insurance in China.

Digital Insurance in China Report Details:

  • Pages: 23 (excluding cover/back pages)
  • Tables and charts: 7

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • The rise of digital insurance
  • Traditional insurance v. digital insurance
  • Technological enablers
  • Providers in the China market
  • Digital insurance
  • Regulation in the Chinese insurance market
  • Conclusion

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