Delivering a Secure Digital Experience - A paper from Kapronasia and Jumio

With the rise of digital banks and fintechs across the region, the race is on to acquire new customers. Customer experience built on new, innovative product offerings will become a key differentiator. On the other hand, the growing financial crime threats means that regulators will continue to tighten their AML/KYC requirements. It is imperative for financial institutions (FIs) to take into consideration the diverse operational and regulatory landscape designing their eKYC processes to offer better remote onboarding experience while ensuring AML/KYC compliance.

Published: March 2021

Report Description

Many FIs are facing both operational and regulatory challenges in conducting their end-to-end eKYC. At an operational level, FIs must walk a tightrope of delivering on the user experience and protecting against the rise in cyber-crime and criminal activities, all while operating across multiple jurisdictions. On the user experience front, there is a constant tension between enabling a quick on-boarding and ensuring the right level of security and accuracy.

In the Delivering a Secure Digital Experience whitepaper from Kapronasia in collaboration with Jumio, we look at how the nature of financial crime is changing across Asia and the eKYC approaches taken by FIs to fight against the ever evolving threat and ensure a positive on-boarding experience.




Delivering a Secure Digital Experience - A paper from Kapronasia and Jumio Report Details

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Findings
  • Asia-Pacific Digital Transformation Drivers
  • Digitization's Cybersecurity and Financial Crime Risks
  • Leveraging Technology To Manage End-To-End eKYC
  • Challenges Implementing eKYC
  • Conclusions