China's Mobile Payments Industry - What's Next

Offering a relatively cheap and certainly more convenient method of making payments than traditional cash or card methods, payments made through the mobile phone promise to change the way we pay for goods and services and are a rapidly growing area of the global financial industry. We saw a number of advancements in 2011 and expect this to continue at an even faster pace in 2012. The mobile payment industry in China is growing rapidly as well.

Published: March 2012

Report Description

Although, issues on mobile payment standards have somewhat inhibited the development of near field payment services, China, with the largest population of mobile phone users, over 1 billion people, nearly three times that of North America, is still one of the most appealing markets for mobile payment services.

Understanding what is happening and what will happen in this rapidly developing and complex market is essential for every player who wants to enter. This Mobile Payment in China report conducted by Kapronasia offered an in-depth look at the dynamic market, including the market environment, market size, industry chain, and comprehensive analysis on the current issues and future trends from our primary and secondary research.

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China's Mobile Payments Industry - What's Next Report Details

  • Number of Pages: 40 (excluding cover/back pages)
  • Number of Tables & Charts: 23

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Methodology
  • Key Findings
  • Definition and Classification
  • Milestone of mobile payment in China
  • A Starting Point for China’s Mobile Payment Industry
  • Mobile Payment Market in China
  • Industry Chain
  • Mobile Payment Vendors in China
  • Case Studies
  • Looking forward
  • Conclusions