2023 Top 10 Asia Pacific FinTech Trends

As we start 2023, the global market faces a period of great geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty. Although there are signs that inflation might be under control and Europe has largely weathered the winter unscathed, many economists see more turbulent times ahead.

Published: Feb 2023

Report Description

Where does this leave Asia fintech as we go into 2023? Nowhere certain is the easy answer. VCs are coming back into the market, but mostly at early-stage investing. Payments are still growing, but business models around digital banks and Robo-advisors are being tested – and that is even before we start talking about crypto.

Who will the winners and losers be? What can financial institutions, fintechs, and other market participants expect in 2023?

Kapronasia is pleased to once again bring you our 13th annual review of all the key fintech trends that we’re expecting in 2023 - the 2023 Top 10 Asia Pacific Fintech Trends report, looking at ten key developments that we feel will impact the industry going forward. We hope you enjoy reading the trends as much as we enjoyed researching them.


2023 Top 10 Asia Pacific FinTech Trends Report Details

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Open Banking and the Growing Importance of Ecosystems
  • The Rise of Atomic Settlement For Cross-Border Payments
  • The Repercussions of the FTX Implosion for Crypto in Asia
  • More Partnerships on the Horizon for Digital Banks in Asia
  • Redesigning Capital Markets with Digital Asset Tokenization
  • ESG – Do We Believe The Hype?>
  • Where to For Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
  • Embedded Finance: Emerging Functions and Business Models
  • Finding a Path to Profitability
  • CBDCs in Asia