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The Future of Financial Markets in Asia Pacific

Published: August 2018

Challenges for the financial industry are growing. Third party non-bank financials threaten the core businesses of traditional banks and institutions. Trade tensions are escalating between the US and China, and even the US and Canada, and threaten to take the global economy on a different path, which may ultimately have a dramatic effect on the business of banks. Further, as interest rates rise, the stark realities of a worsening economic environment may threaten existing loans and products. Finally, the biggest challenge for financial institutions over the next five years: regulations.

The Platform for Innovation

Published: August 2018

Since the launch of real-time payments in Japan in 1973, the financial industry has been on a path of rapid modernization as governments and financial sectors around the world move to instant payment systems. In many ways, real-time payments are a natural evolution of the industry, providing better, faster and cheaper payments domestically, and increasingly, cross-border.

2018 Asia Pacific Vendor Landscape: Payment Hubs

Published: August 2018

As the financial industry continues to grow and innovative, banks are facing increasing challenges to keep up with the rapid pace of change, especially in the payments segment. Payment hubs could be the answer.

Cross Border Payments in Asia

Published: May 2018

Asia is one of the most significant trading regions in the world including the factory of the world, China. Payment systems, cultures, and regulatory systems are all diverse which makes having a European style SEPA challenging in Asia. What is the future of cross-border payments in Asia?

The Case for a Central Bank Digital Currency

Published: May 2018

Despite all of the hype around blockchain and cryptocurrency, the most impact will come from whether or not national governments will shift to a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). A new report looks at the opportunities and challenges as well as the stark implications for citizens.

The Future History of Payments

Published: March 2018

Even as the entire financial industry changes rapidly, nowhere has the change been as evident as in the payments segment. Around the world, banks, consumers, and businesses are making a shift in the way they exchange value.

Financial Inclusion Accelerated

Published: March 2018

Most of the research into real-time payments has focused on potential new revenue streams and business models for banks to serve traditional retail and commercial customers. Although this research is valuable, it overlooks an essential segment of the population: the underbanked and financially excluded. Until now.

Blockchain in China 2018

Published: February 2018

2017 was a year of significant interest into blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, and its application in China’s financial industry. Has the reality finally matched the hype or is the adoption of blockchain still lagging? What are the key user cases that are emerging and is it necessary for users to replace traditional technology with the new blockchain technology?

2018 Top 10 Fintech Trends in Asia

Published: January 2018

After an eventful year with many notable developments in the burgeoning field of fintech, our 8th annual Top-10 Asia Pacific Fintech Trends Report, released in conjunction with the webinar, features an in depth analysis of the 10 most important fintech trends to look out for in Asia this year.

China's New Tiered Bank Accounts and their Impact

Published: December 2017

In 2017, new bank account regulation was introduced limiting each individual to 3 different types of debit accounts. The purpose of these new regulations is to put a restraint on Money Laundering and prevent telecommunication fraud. While this new regulation will affect people’s lives, it also puts the banks in a position of opportunity where they are able to adapt to the change and use it to their advantage.

Cybersecurity in Asian Capital Markets

Published: December 2017

Cybercrime is now one of the most serious threats faced by capital markets. However, Asian capital markets have traditionally lagged their Western counterparts. In this report by Kapronasia, we analyse the current state of cybersecurity in the Asian capital markets, before discussing the potential cybersecurity strategies these markets could deploy.

Asian Exchange Landscape: Growth in the age of Blockchain Technology

Published: December 2017

Asian exchanges have come a long way in the past decade and are now highly competitive, both technologically and through their product offerings. In this report by Kapronasia, we analyse the overall Asian exchange landscape through several key factors, before taking a more detailed look into each of the region's leading markets.

Payment Cards in China 2017

Published: November 2017

Being the first country to fully integrate digital and mobile payments, the Chinese payment market is unlike any other in the world. However, what does this unique situation mean for the traditional payment card industry in China? In this report by Kapronasia, we take a look at the key challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.

Trade Surveillance in China: Addressing New Challenges

Published: September 2017

With record fines and increased scrutiny, trade surveillance in China has become critical for regulators, exchanges and market participants. In the Trade Surveillance in China Report from Kapronasia sponsored by Nasdaq, we look at the key challenges and opportunities.

2017 P2P Lending in China

Published: August 2017

The 2017 P2P Lending in China report follows up on the P2P lending in China report released by Kapronasia in November 2014, highlighting on the high demand for regulation and analysing changes in the industry, including an overview of the borrowers, a look at the way platforms manage to control the loans’ risk and to what extent, and the ways in which some of these platforms “turned rogue” and tried to find ways to scam their customers.

2017 Consumer Finance in China

Published: August 2017

This 2017 Consumer Finance in China report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of consumer finance and how financial solutions and institutions that facilitate consumer finance has been happening in China. The report describes the characteristics and trends that have been observed in recent years and its historical context, an analysis of the different channels for consumption loan products in China, the future consumer loans market trends, with a focus on end-customers and players in the market, and the future of regulation and risk in the market.

2017 Asia Pacific Vendor Landscape: AML Solutions

Published: July 2017

The 2017 Asia Pacific Vendor Landscape: AML Solutions report is the latest and most comprehensive report profiling anti-money laundering (AML) solutions in Asia as well as the trends that are driving their adoption. To analyse the capabilities of the AML solutions in the marketplace, Kapronasia studied 10 firms that offer anti-money laundering services in the region. This report looks at the AML industry in Asia in a holistic sense, including new technologies, regulation, and trends and takes an in-depth look into the leading providers of AML services in Asia.

2017 Mobile Payments Survey - Chinese Consumers Abroad

Published: June 2017

Chinese tourists are an increasingly important force in many international retail markets. The habits and preferences of Chinese tourists are in rapid transition, and the success and failure of countless international retailers depends on their ability to react and adapt to this market segment. For Chinese consumers, mobile payments are becoming more and more important domestically, and they are increasingly using mobile payments while traveling abroad. This report delves into the habits of Chinese consumers and international merchants, giving valuable insight into a crucial demographic.

Robo-Advisors in China

Published: June 2017

Robo-Advisors are a relatively new technology that are starting to be a disruptive force in marketplaces world-wide. They are gaining trust among consumers internationally and every year are increasing their share of the highly competitive wealth-management industry. Chinese market conditions make it highly intriguing for Robo-Advisory firms to make an entrance as multiple factors indicate a high potential for growth in the country. This report discusses the opportunities and challenges facing firms in the Chinese Robo-Advisory market.

Digital Payments in India

Published: April 2017

The digital payments space in India had been evolving steadily in the last couple of years. However, the economy had a big bang moment when Prime Minister Modi announced the Demonetization drive on November 8, 2016. The stated intention was to reduce the level of money laundering and counterfeit currency in the economy, and to raise the level of transparency to ensure that the number of people paying income tax increased in line with rising incomes. It was indeed a commendable move for the Indian economy which exhibits high levels of corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. However, the implementation was found to be lacking and there have been questions over the level of preparation of the central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Social Networks, e-Commerce Platforms, and the Growth of Digital Payment Ecosystems in China

Published: April 2017

The rapid growth of social networks and e-commerce platforms has transformed the way people communicate and transact around the world. Integrating digital payments into these growing networks and platforms has presented vast opportunities to drive economic opportunity, financial inclusion, transparency, security, and growth. In practically all countries individuals, businesses, and policymakers are recognizing these opportunities and acting on them, but perhaps nowhere more so than in China.

Intel and Kapronasia on The Future of Fintech in Asia

Published: March 2017

A new whitepaper from Kapronasia and Intel looks at the Future of Fintech in Asia

China Rural Finance

Published: March 2017

As the second largest economy in the world, China has come a long way in a very short period of time and many of its first tier cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, feel like any other large international cities in Europe or America. But China is still a developing country, and this is readily apparent in its more rural areas. There, one can see the effects of polluted air, food, and rivers. Empty villages bear witness to water loss, soil erosion, and land desolation. While China has experienced an unprecedented period of modernization, the benefits have not been evenly enjoyed across the country.

2017 China Financial Industry Trends and Outlook

Published: February 2017

With pressure domestically on both economic growth and structural reform, and international pressure through President Trump, China has its work cut out for it in 2017. In our latest trends report, learn about the key challenges going forward and how China's financial industry will change in 2017.

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