In Conversation with... CEO Henry and CCO Michael, UnionDigital Bank

Written by || March 21 2023

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00’18’’ Introduction

00’52’’ About UnionDigital Bank

02’26’’ Key Success Factors for Growth and Profitability as a Digital Bank

03’42’’ UnionDigital Bank’s Typical Clients and Strengths

07’19’’ Considerations Behind Setting Up a Digital Bank as an Incumbent

11’29’’ APIs and Open Finance Services

13’03’’ Lessons from a Digital Bank for Traditional Banks

17’28’’ Alternative Data Points and Their Usage in Lending

20’13’’ Exciting Technologies Used in Digital Banking

23’05’’ Chat GPT and How It Changes the Nature of Banking Services

26’45’’ One Thing That Will Surprise People About Digital Banking in the Future

30’15’’ Advice for Digital Banks in Other Markets Outside the Philippines