What we do

Fintech Market research:
Capital Markets

We do Asia fintech market research. And we do it well. We help companies understand payments, banking, capital markets and cryptocurrency in China and Asia. Our team’s depth and breadth of experience in the financial and technology industries allows us to engage the market through proprietary sources of secondary research and strong connections with industry leaders and insiders.

Research Reports.

Throughout the year we publish a number of reports that address:

  • Latest market trends, issues and regulations
  • Vendor competitive outlook and strategic guidance
  • Customer needs and competitive gaps
  • Adoption of new technologies and services


Market Research.

In addition to our regular research reports, our research team also provides customized consulting and research on specific topics on banking, payments, capital markets, and cryptocurrency. Often this research takes a deeper look into a topic that we have covered in one of our regular reports.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Sizing
  • Competitor Positioning
  • Customer Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • Partnering Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Operationals and Technology
  • Corporate Finance

Once a company is on the ground in Asia, Kapronasia's ‘on the ground’ Sales Enablement team ensures operational success by managing local resources and partnerships, facilitating sales, and implementing marketing plans. When clients engage us, we instantly become part of their Sales and Marketing team and partner with them to develop their business in the region whether it be through wide-reaching lead generation campaigns to identify potential prospects, or meetings with the prospects in person.

Sales Enablement services Include:

  • Content based marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Facilitation
  • Management of Local Resources
  • Partner Management

Your key questions are our key answers.

Kapronasia’s research answers key questions that are critical for fintech companies:

  • How will the latest and upcoming regulations impact my product and services offering? 
  • What are the key industry trends and what do I need to do to stay ahead of my competition?
  • How do Chinese financial institutions view technology within their own organisation and how do they make spending decisions on a particular type of technology?
  • What are the major financial technology deals in the past twelve months from both domestic and foreign vendors?
  • How does my technology offering compare to others in the market and how competitive are we?

Why Kapronasia

Kapronasia is solely dedicated to the Greater China Financial Industry market. This singular focus, along with our unique mainland China location, enable us to provide clients with some of the most in-depth and accurate ‘on-the-ground’ industry insight into the fastest and most dynamic country in the world. In addition, our team’s combination of international financial and technology industry experience brings an unsurpassed level of understanding, knowledge and experience to every engagement.

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