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2019 Sep 06th - Reuters - In China, P2P insiders say regulatory shortcomings have choked industry
2019 Aug 26th - Coinspeaker - After Visiting Switzerland, US Regulators Remain Worried About Facebook’s Libra
2019 Aug 25th - CNBC - Facebook’s dream of a global cryptocurrency raises political stakes — for the regulators themselves
2019 Aug 22nd - TecnNode - P2P lending platforms feel the pressure as regulators squeeze them out of the market
2019 Aug 15th - Business Inside - Zendai has shuttered two P2P platforms worth $1.4 billion amidst Beijing's regulatory crackdown
2019 July 26th - Global Finance - Bad Loans Bite Back In China
2019 July 24th - China Economy Review - Zennon Kapron on what’s next for Chinese fintech
2019 July 15th - Finews - Four Other E-Wallet Operators Eyeing Digital Banking Licenses
2019 July 1st - Forbes - Stuck in the middle
2019 June 27th - Bloomberg - A $1,800 Drop in Minutes: Bitcoin Volatility on Full Display
2019 June 6th - FinTech Magazine - Taking the risk out of expansion
2019 June 5th - Financial Times - Chinese banks' uphill struggle to woo tech talent
2019 May 20th - Fintech Innovation - Is there a market for virtual banks in Singapore?
2019 May 20th - Bloomberg - U.S. Banks Are Terrified of Chinese Payment Apps
2019 May 8th - Financial Times - China's online banks adapt to state domination
2019 Apr 2nd - CNBC - Major cryptocurrencies are soaring after bitcoin made its first big jump in months
2019 Mar 29th - Bitcoin Exchange Guide - Ripple Insights Puts Spotlight on Why Southeast Asia is the Cradle of Payment Innovation
2019 Mar 22nd - Finews.asia - What's Next for Digitally Driven Financial Inclusion?
2019 Mar 21st - Finextra - Money 20/20 Asia: Leveraging data to provide the unbanked with credit
2019 Mar 19th - TechNode - China’s crackdown on internet finance hurts online lender Dianrong
2019 Mar 5th - South China Morning Post - Outbound travel market may be best bet for Visa, Mastercard should they finally gain access to China
2019 Mar 1st - BARRON'S - Don’t Count on Visa and Mastercard Winning in China
2019 Feb 27th - CKGSB - To solve the trade war, the US needs to understand China’s point of view
2019 Feb 22nd - Deutsche Welle - China's peer-to-peer lenders face crisis, investors face ruin
2019 Feb 22nd - Reuters - Cryptocurrency companies use 'backdoor' listings to ease into mainstream
2019 Feb 21st - TechNode - China’s online P2P lending industry is undergoing a massive shake out
2019 Feb 19th - Aljazeera - Is China taking social monitoring too far?
2019 Feb 15th - TechNode - Ant Financial’s global expansion plan bounces back with WorldFirst buyout
2019 Jan 28th - CNBC - China wants to boost loans to small businesses. Tech companies may be the answer
2019 Jan 14th - FintechInnovation - Facial recognition tech expand Chinese merchants payment options

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2018 Dec 7th - CNBC - Bitcoin plunges more than 11 percent to fresh lows for the year
2018 Nov 22th - CNBC - Chinese consumers aren't spending as much. Many are worried about the future
2018 Nov 19th - Nikkei Asian Review - Bitmain and Ebang's Hong Kong IPO dreams in question
2018 Nov 15th - CNBC - Bitcoin market cap falls below $100 billion for first time since October 2017
2018 Oct 9th - BITCOINMAGAZINE - With the CBAC, East Meets West in Search of Adoption and Innovation
2018 Oct 3rd - Bloomberg - How China's Peer to Peer Lending Crash is Destroying Lives
2018 Sep 27th - Reuters - Tencent & Alibaba chase remittances in battle for Southeast Asia
2018 Sep 27th - Nikkei Asian Review - Top crypto mining equipment maker powers through bitcoin meltdown
2018 Sep 22nd - Nikkei Asian Review - Crypto mining IPOs head for Hong Kong despite bitcoin setbacks
2018 Sep 11th - The Economist - As regulators circle, China’s fintech giants put the emphasis on tech
2018 Sep 11th - Outriders - Inside a Cashless Society (almost)
2018 Aug 27th - Reuters - Chinese bitcoin mining rig makers aim to raise billions in HK IPOs
2018 July 24th - China Economic Review - What's Next for Chinese Fintech
2018 July 2nd - AsiaMoney - China takes a swipe at the fintech sector
2018 June 25th - Pandaily - Ant Financial Launched World’s First Blockchain Cross-Border Remittance Service
2018 June 8th - Forbes - Ant Financial Raises $14B to Fund Global Expansion
2018 June 5th - Reuters - Exclusive: Ant Financial shifts focus from finance to tech services: sources

2018 May 28th - Forbes - Ant Financial Said To Close $150B Funding Round
2018 May 17th - Forbes - China Leads The U.S. In Patent Applications For Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence
2018 April 24th - UBS - The road to cashless societies
2018 April 29th - Cryptona - Chinese Tough Rules On Cryptocurrency Are Meant To Help The Sector
2018 April 23rd - SCMP - Forget China: Hong Kong, Singapore are the new kids on the blockchain
2018 April 26th - Forbes - China Is Tightening Its Grip On Cryptocurrency To Promote Rather Than Purge It
2018 April 12th - Forbes - How A U.S. - China Trade War Might Raise Apple and Huawei Smartphone Prices
2018 March 27th - Reuters - Twitter to ban crypto ads as online crackdown continues
2018 March 19th - After Tencent and Ctrip, Bank of East Asia eyes more partners for virtual banking
2018 March 8th - SCMP - China wants to be a front runner in blockchain technology even if the ban on bitcoin remains
2018 March 1st- AHK -The Convertibility of the RMB
2018 January 19th - Economic Week -
The Taming of Bitcoin and Co
2018 January 18th - The Economist -
The threat of tough regulation in Asia sends crypto-currencies into a tailspin