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P2P Lending in India

Published: December 2016

P2P lending is Asia is larger than any other region in the world with China leading the way. The new form of financing is catching on in India too as the world's second most populous nation starts lending online.

Speaking to the Customer

Published: November 2016

China's digital players are redefining the customer communications expectations of China's 1.4 billion retail banking customers. In this report from Kapronasia, sponsored by GMC, we look at some of the key changes and challenges for China's traditional finance players today.

China's Online To Offline (O2O) Market

Published: November 2016

Online To Offline e-commerce has redefined products and services in China as both existing providers and new tech leverage a growing trend in China as they sell to billions of Chinese customers.

Digital Insurance in China

Published: September 2016

Although China's insurance industry is hundreds of years old, it has only been during the last decade that we have seen significant growth. With the advent of digital, now the industry is moving in an entirely new direction.

E-commerce in Southeast Asia

Published: September 2016

Investors and multinationals are increasingly looking towards Southeast Asia for the next trailblazers in e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific as growth in China and India slows. With this in mind, we present a report that provides an overview of the landscape, opportunities, and challenges that are prevalent in Southeast Asia and its e-commerce industry.

Wealth Management in China

Published: September 2016

High minimum investment thresholds, the expense of professional advice, and the general lack of access to wealth management tools have all served as challenges for small retail investors in China. However, financial technology is now empowering them by lowering the costs and expanding access, thereby making it easier to manage one’s wealth.

Social Media in Asian Banking

Published: August 2016

Social Media is once something that Asian banks shunned and avoided, but today, it is nearly indispensable. In the Social Media in Asian Banking report we look at the key drivers and challenges for Asian banks in social media.

Banking in India: The New Normal

Published: August 2016

At present, the banking industry in India is at the most defining point in its history since the nationalization wave in the ‘60s/’70s. There are a number of forces, both internal and external, rapidly shaping the strategies and operations of the players in this industry. These forces are calling into question the status quo in all areas of banking services: front office, middle office, back office operations, and strategy.

China Trade Finance 2016

Published: July 2016

China is the world’s second largest economy. Its total trade volume is RMB 24.59 trillion (US$3.95 trillion), and its export value is the highest in the world (US$2.27 trillion). What opportunities and challenges exist for the world’s biggest exporter? The China Trade Finance 2016 Report reviews the basics of international trade finance, presents the latest global trends, and discusses the particular issues and future developments in international trade finance that are relevant for China.

Regulating Fintech in Asia

Published: June 2016

Asia's conditions are ripe for fintech, but proper regulatory frameworks are critical. Where will Asia's next big fintech center be? Where are governmental approaches lacking? The Fintech Regulation in Asia report analyzes what is happening across Asia in the fintech space from a regulatory perspective and assesses the fintech readiness of key Asian fintech centers as well as the critical factors for success.

Fintech in India

Published: June 2016

Fintech has the potential to completely change India's financial industry, but are banks and traditional vendors ready? Which fintech offerings are potentially the most disruptive? What is the role of India’s IT industry in strengthening the fintech ecosystem? The Fintech in India report explores key issues for banks and technology vendors and defines what the financial industry of the future will be.

The Future of Insurance - China

Published: June 2016

China's insurance industry has seen more change in the past few years than at any point of its history in China. Although the industry is growing rapidly it faces numerous challenges going forward. The Future of Insurance in China report tackles some of the biggest issues and challenges for China's financial industry and looks at what we can expect for the future including data analytics, digital insurance and more.

Cross Border E-Commerce and Payments - China

Published: June 2016

With the help of the government, China’s cross-border e-commerce has become one of the most successful digital e-commerce ecosystems. This report explains how China has transitioned from being the factory of the world to having one of the most flourishing digital payments and cross-border e-commerce ecosystems.

Blockchain for Banking in India

Published: May 2016

Few fintech technologies today are more discussed than blockchain. With the potential to disrupt how the basic plumbing of the financial industry functions, blockchain technology seems to be viewed as the solution for anything from payment reconciliation to settlement. Yet, what does this mean for India? What will the impact be and is India ready?

Digital Payments in China 2016

Published: May 2016

Predictions are that digital payments will account for 20% of all Chinese retail purchases by 2020, a staggering amount and one that is challenging not only the banks, but China UnionPay and regulators themselves. The China Digital Payments 2016 report looks at how new business models, market entrants and regulations are rapidly transforming China’s gigantic payment industry.

China’s Millennials

Published: March 2016

China's Millennials are demanding, especially from their banks and what they expect from financial services. The China's Millennials report from Kapronasia and the Disruption House provides critical insight into how Millennials are changing the way they bank.

2016 China Banking Trends and Outlook

Published: January 2016

Innovation has given China’s consumers an unprecedented choice of financial products and services at their fingertips. The 2016 China Banking Trends and Outlook report looks at some of the key trends, issues and challenges for China's banking industry as we go into 2016.

2016 China Capital Markets Trends and Outlook

Published: January 2016

It will come as no surprise to followers of China’s markets when we say that 2015 was undoubtedly one of the most impactful years we have seen in recent decades. But what lies ahead for 2016? Will the stock market face another turbulent year? Will regulations hinder development?

How China’s FinTech will change how the world thinks about banking

Published: October 2015

White paper prepared by Kapronasia and The Disruption House and presented at Sibos 2015 in Singapore.

Big Data in China's Financial Industry

Published: September 2015

Big data has become big business in China's financial industry. Find out how the Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and the banks themselves are leading the way in financial industry innovation.

The State of Payments in Asia

Published: August 2015

The future of payments is constantly evolving as new technology reshapes the way consumers exchange money. To understand more about how the industry views the future of payments, Kapronasia partnered with The Global Payment Summit to survey 60 professionals from various technology and financial services firms to hear their opinions on what we can expect from digital and mobile payments in the coming years.

From Duplication to Innovation: How technology is redefining China’s financial industry

Published: May 2015

Kapronasia was in Shanghai for the Hopkins China Forum event in May 2015. Zennon Kapron presented the attached slides on the latest financial innovations in China’s financial industry and how they are disrupting the sector.

Trading in Singapore

Published: March 2015

Not only is Singapore the geographical center of the incredibly diverse and large Asia Pacific region, it also is one of the key financial centers. The city-state of Singapore offers a diverse array of financial asset classes and trading instruments with a high degree of liquidity and market efficiency. With this in mind, the Equinix-sponsored Trading in Singapore report takes a detailed look at the available trading options and related trends, regulation and technology.

Trading in Hong Kong

Published: March 2015

Hong Kong is one of the largest financial centers in the world. Benefiting from relatively loose regulations, yet strong geographic ties with mainland China, Hong Kong’s capital markets offer diverse financial asset classes and instruments for trading purposes with a high degree of liquidity and market efficiency, as well as transparent regulations. In addition, markets are supported by the HK government, which works to keep market intervention and taxation to a minimum to maintain market competitiveness. This report from Kapronasia sponsored by Equinix provides a comprehensive view of the Hong Kong market across several topics.

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