Media Coverage 2017

2017 December 14th - Wired - Inside China's Vast New Experiment In Social Ranking
2017 December 11th - MIT Technology Review -
Can China Contain Bitcoin?
2017 December 11th - Bloomberg -
Bitcoin Futures Deliver Wild Ride as Debut Brings Rally, Halts
2017 November 28th - CNBC -
The newest ICO trying to earn millions is a Chinese start-up worried about baby food
2017 November 27th- Forbes -
Boeing 747s To Luxury Villas: Why China's Businesses Are Offloading Assets In Massive Online Auctions
2017 October 2nd - Tech in Asia -
How fintech startups are using big data to solve China's huge credit gap
2017 September 20th - Fintech Innovation -
Ethereum to fuel Crypto coins passing US$1 trillion mark in 2017
2017 September 12th - CNBC -
Whats to come in China's bitcoin crackdown?
2017 September 5th - The Guardian - 
Cryptocurrency boom stalls as regulators focus on ICOs
2017 September 5th - Financial Times - 
China central bank declares initial coin offerings illegal
2017 September 4th -
South China Morning Post - China’s top consumer credit firm fined US$1.37 million for malpractice, executives fined, blacklistedChina’s top consumer credit firm fined US$1.37 million for malpractice, executives fined, blacklisted
2017 September 4th - Reuters - 
China bans initial coin offerings as illegal fundraising
2017 September 1st - Financial Times - 
China targets speculative frenzy from ‘initial coin offerings’
2017 August 31st - Campaign - 
Social media is the future of mobile payments in China
2017 August 31st - Techcrunch -
The first ICO unicorns are here
2017 August 28th - ASEAN Today -
Unfair competition favouring UnionPay against Visa and MasterCard?
2017 August 24th - Reuters -
China's Fosun invests in local version of bitcoin tech blockchain
2017 August 7th - The Moodie Davitt Report - 
Travel retailers lag behind other merchants in accepting mobile payments, says study
2017 August 6th - Asian Investor - 
Investors told: look beyond startups in China fintech
2017 August 4th - CNBC - 
It's a very good time to be a money launderer, and you can thank cryptocurrencies
2017 August 4th - NFC World -
Mobile payments in China: How the tech giants are changing the future of payments
2017 July 30th - Chinasquare - iTrends: Baidu betaalt met PayPal
2017 July 29th - Enterprise Innovation - Amazon invades Singapore, eyes bigger Southeast Asia market
2017 July 26th - Le Temps - 
Swatch investit le marché chinois du paiement mobile
2017 July 26th - SCMP - 
Chinese not so keen, or unable, to make mobile payments overseas
2017 July 23rd - Enterprise Innovation - 
China’s shadow banking crackdown needs a bigger stick
2017 July 19th - Benzinga - 
Kapronasia Launches New Study Looking at the Future of Anti-Money Laundering Solutions in Asia
2017 July 10th - Payments Disrupted - 
How the tech giants are changing the future of payments in China
2017 July 10th - NFC World - What's New in Payments, Volume Two
2017 July 2nd - The Moodie Davitt Report - 
Prepare for a mobile payment revolution among Chinese travelling shoppers, says new survey
2017 June 30th - Technode - 
How China's Mobile Payment Craze Will Affect the Future of Global Luxury Retailing
2017 June 30th - IBS Intelligence - Chinese toursits are driving mobile payments across the globe
2017 June 28th - Banking Technology - 
Money20/20 Europe: Asia in the ascendant
2017 June 19th - SCMP - 
P2P Platform Yirendai ready to move up a league or two, including into wealth management
2017 June 12th - Sina Finance - 蚂蚁金服上市前夜:移动支付遭遇微信挑战,蚂蚁海外凶猛扩张
2017 May 15th - Forbes - 
Your Mobile Money: Surviving A Day In China Without Cash Or Cards
2017 May 10th - Motherboard - 
China is on Track to Fully Phase Out Cash
2017 May 10th - One World Identity - 
Chinese mobile payment giants make landfall in U.S.
2017 April 26th - Analyse Asia - 
Ant Financial with Zennon Kapron
2017 April 24th - China Internet Watch - 
The Growth of Digital Payment Ecosystems in China: what it means for other countries
2017 April 20th - Tech In Asia - 
How WeChat Pay became Alipay's largest rival
2017 April 5th - Global Capital - 
Indian banks respond to Modi's Demonetization Shock Therapy
2017 March 29th - Tech In Asia - 
Ant Financial to build an open marketplace for finance products
2017 March 20th - The Moodie Davitt Report - Global study set to become “industry benchmark” for measuring impact of Asian mobile payments
2017 March 17th - Alternative Finance - 
Chinese robo advice could be opportunity for European fintech firms
2017 February 13th - FT - 
China mobile payments dwarf those in US as fintech booms, research shows
2017 January 31st - Digital Currency Executive Brief - 
China Pushes Banks to Adopt Blockchain Tech
2017 January 26th - Reuters - 
China turns to blockchain to make markets clearer and cleaner
2017 January 19th - Bloomberg - 
Stemming the Tide: Six Things China Can Do Next to Curb Outflows
2017 January 17th - Economist Intelligence Unit - 
Better Life Breakthroughs: Innovation in Investment
2017 January 9th - Bloomberg - 
Bitcoin Extends Loss After China’s Central Bank Warns Investors
2017 January 5th - CNN - 
China is freaking out bitcoin traders