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2020 December 11st - NIKKEI Asia - Singapore ushers ASEAN into new digital banking era
2020 December 9th - Reuters - Hiring rapidly, U.S fintech startup Stripe plots Asia expansion
2020 December 8th - KrASIA - Singapore’s new digital banks will be operating at a loss for a long time, expert says
2020 December 7th - The Paypers - Tracking Asia's progress with Open Banking
2020 December 5th - The Star - Ant, Grab win Singapore digital bank licenses along with Sea
2020 December 4th - Financial Times - Singapore grants digital bank licences to major Asian tech companies
2020 December 4th - NIKKEI Asia - Asia upstarts await word on Singapore digital banking licenses
2020 November 11th - Global Finance - Banking Pacesetters: Stars of China 2020
2020 November 10th - WTVB - U.S. to see more Chinese listings as Biden will make art of deal easier, advisors say
2020 November 6th - Business Insider - Financial experts say the shift from cash to real-time payments in Asia has accelerated, but the real challenge will be connecting those infrastructures across borders
2020 November 5th - The Business Times - Ant's Asean ambitions may take backseat to battles at home
2020 November 4th - S&P Global Market Intelligence - Ant Group’s dramatic listing halt may chill other fintech IPO hopefuls
2020 November 4th - S&P Global Market Intelligence - Ant Group’s dramatic listing halt may chill other fintech IPO hopefuls
2020 November 3rd - 247wallst - Was the Ant Financial IPO Delayed by a Regulatory Clampdown?
2020 October 27th - S&P Global Market Intelligence - World's biggest IPO attracts strong demand despite lofty price tag
2020 October 27th - KITV - Jack Ma is making history again with the Ant IPO, and getting even more wealthy while doing it
2020 October 26th - South China Morning Post - China’s digital currency will not compete with mobile payment apps WeChat and Alipay, says programme head
2020 October 20th - Forbes -Jack Ma’s Ant Group Wins Approval For Dual Listing That May Raise $35 Billion
2020 October 12th - S&P Global Market Intelligence -Digital yuan poses threat to Alipay-WeChat online payments duopoly
2020 October 8th - S&P Global Market Intelligence -China payments giants may face limited risk, tweak growth plans as US mulls ban
2020 October 8th - Financial Times - China’s Lufax files for US IPO against backdrop of rising tensions
2020 September 26th - CNN Business -How Jack Ma built China's money supermarket into a $200 billion company
2020 September 17th - S&P Global -Ant Group's close ties with Alibaba to endure post-IPO
2020 September 15th - S&P Global - Ant Group's lack of strong messaging platform concerns investors as IPO looms
2020 September 14th - Technology Times - Tiktok Payment Licence A Ticket To E Commerce Success
2020 September 4th - Nikkei Asian Review - China's Ant eyes Southeast Asia e-payment dominance with IPO
2020 August 25th - The New York Times - Ant Group, the Alibaba Payment Affiliate, Files to Go Public
2020 August 5th - The Business Times - Grab to launch retail investment product, consumer loans platform
2020 August 3rd - Warrior Trading News Articles - Chinese government may investigate top non-bank payment setups
2020 August 1st - Yahoo Finance - How China's Ant is evolving from a payments app into a technology champion
2020 July 31st -THE VOICE OF BRANCH COUNTY - Exclusive: China's central bank urges antitrust probe into Alipay, WeChat Pay - sources
2020 July 10th - KrASIA - Will China’s digital yuan pose a threat to the country’s fintech giants?
2020 June 24th - Business Wire - Southeast Asia’s Cross-Border Real-Time Payments Network Emerges with Payments Innovation as Driving Force, New Research from ACI Worldwide and Kapronasia Reveals
2020 June 16th - The Washington Post - AmEx May Find China Can Live Life Without It
2020 June 14th - The Wire China - PayPal Picks Up the Crumbs in China
2020 May 27th - Taiwan Business Topics - Enhanced Anti-Money Laundering Controls Pay Off For Taiwan
2020 May 24th - Forbes - China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Will Strengthen Alipay And WeChat Pay, Not Replace Them
2020 May 22nd - AmCham - Japan’s LINE Banks on Fintech in Taiwan
2020 May 17th - Inveszz - Facebook’s Libra project: where do we stand?
2020 May 15th - Financial Times - Singapore’s Temasek throws weight behind Facebook’s Libra
2020 May 14th - the Ken - The Covid wedge for Alibaba, ByteDance’s productivity tools in Southeast Asia
2020 May 8th - The Economist - The financial world’s nervous system is being rewired
2020 May 5th - Tech in Asia - Covid-19 presents an opportunity for banks to go fully digital
2020 Mar 26th - The Fintech Times - The Asia Pacific Digital Banking Opportunity
2020 Mar 18th - SupChina - Why Did Ant Financial Invest In A Swedish Fintech Unicorn?
2020 Mar 17th - The Paypers - A glimpse into the flourishing online marketplace ecosystem of Southeast Asia
2020 Mar 3rd - SupChina - Will China’s Government-Controlled Cloud Rain On Fintech Innovation?
2020 Mar 2nd - Finews.Asia - Banks Shave Rewards Through GrabPay Top-Ups
2020 Feb 27th - Nikkei Asia - Grab's tie-up with MUFG signals serious move into fintech
2020 Feb 24th - CGTN - Could COVID-19 push the proliferation of digital banks in Singapore?
2020 Feb 24th - SupChina - Why Is Tencent Investing In European Fintechs?
2020 Feb 20th - SupChina - Prepare To Be Underwhelmed: Mastercard Makes A Belated Arrival In China
2020 Feb 14th - SupChina - Chinese Fintech Giants Expand Across The Belt And Road
2020 Feb 13rd - SupChina - Chinese Blockchain Is Booming, But Can The Industry Survive Government Support?
2020 Feb 12nd - HeraldSheets - Electroneum (ETN) to Aid the Fulfillment of Cashless Future Expectation of Many Cambodians
2020 Jan 23rd - Financial Times - Singapore’s new digital banks face uphill struggle
2020 Jan 22nd - KrAsia - Singapore’s digital bank license: Is it just for major league players?
2020 Jan 17th - Forbes - China’s $7.6 Trillion Online Payments Market Is No Longer Enough For Jack Ma’s Ant Financial
2020 Jan 17th - Technode - Ant Financial rumors gather pace as tech IPO fever rolls on
2020 Jan 9th - Nikkei - Chinese tech giants use Singapore as catapult into SE Asia

2019 Dec 18th - Bloomberg - Singapore digital bank wannabes must prove they can profit
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2019 Nov 30th - EEO.COM - 2018-2019年度卓越金融企业盛典
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2019 Oct 02nd - Fortune - Why PayPal’s Approval to Enter China’s Payments Market May Be Less Than It Seems
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2019 Aug 26th - Coinspeaker - After Visiting Switzerland, US Regulators Remain Worried About Facebook’s Libra
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2019 Aug 19th - TechNode - China Tech Talk 84: Facebook’s Libra and China’s Central Bank with Zennon Kapron
2019 Aug 15th - Business Inside - Zendai has shuttered two P2P platforms worth $1.4 billion amidst Beijing's regulatory crackdown
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