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2017 June 19th - P2P Platform Yirendai ready to move up a league or two, including into wealth management
2017 May 15th - Your Mobile Money: Surviving A Day In China Without Cash Or Cards
2017 May 10th - China is on Track to Fully Phase Out Cash
2017 May 10th - Chinese mobile payment giants make landfall in U.S.
2017 April 26th - Ant Financial with Zennon Kapron
2017 April 20th - How WeChat Pay became Alipay's largest rival
2017 April 5th - Indian banks respond to Modi's Demonetization Shock Therapy
2017 March 29th - Ant Financial to build an open marketplace for finance products
2017 March 17th - Alternative Finance - Chinese robo advice could be opportunity for European fintech firms
2017 February 13th - FT - China mobile payments dwarf those in US as fintech booms, research shows
2017 January 31st - Digital Currency Executive Brief - China Pushes Banks to Adopt Blockchain Tech
2017 January 26th - Reuters - China turns to blockchain to make markets clearer and cleaner
2017 January 19th - Bloomberg - Stemming the Tide: Six Things China Can Do Next to Curb Outflows
2017 January 17th - Economist Intelligence Unit - Better Life Breakthroughs: Innovation in Investment
2017 January 9th - Bloomberg - Bitcoin Extends Loss After China’s Central Bank Warns Investors
2017 January 5th - CNN - China is freaking out bitcoin traders
2016 December 19th - Faith-based Banking: Wealth Management Products in China
2016 December 10th - Fintech in China with Zennon Kapron
2016 December 5th - FT - Bank card groups to lose China market share
2016 December 2nd - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin Price Reaches 2-Year High in China; Experts Predict Bull Market Likely to Continue
2016 November 25th - SCMP - China orders banks to stop issuing dual-currency credit cards to stem capital flight
2016 November 23rd - Aljazeera - Will China lift its ban on Facebook?
2016 November 14th - FT - Ant leads China's banks into the cloud
2016 November 2nd - Spend Matters -China Trade Finance 2016: A closer look at the trends and issues shaping the market
2016 October 31st - Intheblack - Fuelled by remarkable achievements in education, Vietnam is newest high-tech success
2016 October 23rd - SCMP - Crackdown on underground banks intensifies as concerns over outflows increase
2016 September 19th - SCMP - Fintech – the next frontier for Hong Kong’s battle with Singapore?
2016 September 6th - Bobsguide - Kapronasia: The evolution of mobile money in China
2016 August 29th - FT - China banks starved of big data as mobile payments rise
2016 August 26th - Bloomberg - China's Top Search Engine Freezes Bitcoin Ads Without Warning
2016 August 24th - Asia Money - Banks and Fintech: Better Connected
2016 August 17th - Reuters - Rise of the machines: Chinese investors flock to robo-advisors
2016 August 9th - Fintech Innovation - 6 percent VAT: opportunity and burden for Chinese financial institutions
2016 August 6th - Al Jazeera - Is the sun setting on Japan's economic slump?
2016 August 3rd - South China Morning Post - Bitcoin struggles for acceptance in Hong Kong
2016 August 2nd - Bloomberg - The Humbling of American Tech Giants in China
2016 August 1st - Bloomberg - Didi Schools Uber on Doing Business in Cut-Throat Chinese Market
2016 July 28th - SNL - Bitcoin makes comeback, as China emerges as center of virtual money trading
2016 July 18th - Enterprise Innovation - China’s EBS International eyes global market with network upgrade
2016 July 6th - eMarketer - Mobile Taobao Users in China Skew Younger
2016 July 6th - Reuters - In up-to-$10 billion IPO, China's PSBC eyes ticket to online financial services boom
2016 June 29th - TechNode - Banks Need to Calm Down About Blockchain
2016 June 29th - Forbes - Will Thailand's E-Commerce 'Cashless' Boom Disrupt Asia's Retail Market? 
2016 June 24th - The Australian Financial Review - Brexit: Bitcoin Surges in Wake of Out Vote
2016 June 22nd - Corporate Treasurer - RBI extends action plan for NPAs
2016 June 1st - South China Morning Post - Hong Kong Struggling to Keep Pace with Regional Peers in Fintech
2016 May 31st - The Wall Street Journal - China Buying Sparks Bitcoin Surge
2016 May 24th - CKGSB Knowledge - Will Ant Financial Become Wildly Successful Like Taobao?
2016 May 13th - The Straits Time - China reins in peer-to-peer lending
2016 May 11th - Fintech Innovation - Building trust with P2P lending 
2016 May 4th - Forbes - UnionPay Partners With Smartphone Brands In Bid For China's Online Payment Market -- Could It Work?
2016 May 4th - Fintech Innovation - Singapore bows to UK as second largest RMB Exchange: New tax rules to curve China’s e-commerce market
2016 April 17th - China Daily – Cashing out
2016 April 13th – Bobsguide - The Globalisation of Fintech
2016 March 31st - Forbes - China's Traditional Banks Still Have A Chance To Win Millennials Over
2016 March 28th - Forbes - Why It's Too Early To Count Apple Pay Out In China
2016 March 17th - Forbes - Measuring Credit: How Baidu, Alibaba And Tencent May Succeed Where Facebook Failed
2016 March 15th - Asian Venture Capital Journal - Transition Time
2016 March 11th - Reuters - Fintech growth accelerates in Asia with record $4.5 billion investments
2016 March 1st - Fintech Innovation - 2016 FSI opportunities in China
2016 February 29th - Enterprise Innovation - Party is over: 2016 is year of consolidation for P2P lending and payments in China
2016 February 16th - CCTV America - Zennon Kapron on China peer-to-peer lending
2016 February 5th - Straits Times - Online lender orchestrated $10.8b ponzi scheme
2016 February 4th - Bloomberg - China's Biggest Ponzi Scheme Shows Rot in Internet Financing
2016 February 3rd - Bloomberg - Ex-Bodyguard Turns Spare Change Into Digital Cash Startup
2016 January 21st - Bloomberg - Chinese Central Bank Studies Prospect of Own Digital Currency
2016 January 4th - South China Morning Post - Can the state take China’s mobile payments market in 2016? Experts think not

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