American Chamber of Commerce China Report

Chinese-originated FDI into the United States will likely soon surpass US FDI into China according to some studies which represents a fundamental shift in the nature and economice relationship with the US. Recently Kapronasia was invited by the Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce to jointly draft a policy paper on the history, causes and future of this Chinese FDI.

Zennon Kapron, a member of the Shanghai American Chamber and Kapronasia's Managing Director, was the primary author of the paper, which covers a number of topics including causes, size and implications for the future. The study also looks at three case studies to understand real examples of investments into the US either failing or succeeding.

The paper strongly argues that investment into the US is, in general, a good thing. Kapronasia agrees - overseas investment creates (and often saves) jobs and is a key source of capital in these times when capital is scarce.

The paper can be downloaded from the American Chamber of Commerce website or by clicking here.


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