The first private bank went live in January 2015, with the rest soon to follow. NFC continues its growth in both awareness and acceptance for mobile payments. China UnionPay quietly becomes a truly global player both in online and offline. What else will 2015 hold for banking in China?

Internationalization of China’s financial sector has been a key industry trend for a number of years. This year, that trend is more pronounced than ever. Chinese finance is more connected to the global economy than ever before, with new reforms, partnerships and investments. Looking forward, what changes can we expect in China’s financial sector? Will the trends established in 2014 continue? Will the speed of reform slow down?

Innovation has given China’s consumers an unprecedented choice of financial products and services at their fingertips. The 2016 China Banking Trends and Outlook report looks at some of the key trends, issues and challenges for China's banking industry as we go into 2016.

It will come as no surprise to followers of China’s markets when we say that 2015 was undoubtedly one of the most impactful years we have seen in recent decades. But what lies ahead for 2016? Will the stock market face another turbulent year? Will regulations hinder development?

The 2017 Asia Pacific Vendor Landscape: AML Solutions report is the latest and most comprehensive report profiling anti-money laundering (AML) solutions in Asia as well as the trends that are driving their adoption. To analyse the capabilities of the AML solutions in the marketplace, Kapronasia studied 10 firms that offer anti-money laundering services in the region. This report looks at the AML industry in Asia in a holistic sense, including new technologies, regulation, and trends and takes an in-depth look into the leading providers of AML services in Asia.

With pressure domestically on both economic growth and structural reform, and international pressure through President Trump, China has its work cut out for it in 2017. In our latest trends report, learn about the key challenges going forward and how China's financial industry will change in 2017.

This 2017 Consumer Finance in China report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of consumer finance and how financial solutions and institutions that facilitate consumer finance has been happening in China. The report describes the characteristics and trends that have been observed in recent years and its historical context, an analysis of the different channels for consumption loan products in China, the future consumer loans market trends, with a focus on end-customers and players in the market, and the future of regulation and risk in the market.

2016 was a difficult year for the world in general and poses some unique challenges for India in 2017. In our 6th annual Top-10 trends report series, we look at India and the opportunities ahead.

Chinese tourists are an increasingly important force in many international retail markets. The habits and preferences of Chinese tourists are in rapid transition, and the success and failure of countless international retailers depends on their ability to react and adapt to this market segment. For Chinese consumers, mobile payments are becoming more and more important domestically, and they are increasingly using mobile payments while traveling abroad. This report delves into the habits of Chinese consumers and international merchants, giving valuable insight into a crucial demographic.

The 2017 P2P Lending in China report follows up on the P2P lending in China report released by Kapronasia in November 2014, highlighting on the high demand for regulation and analysing changes in the industry, including an overview of the borrowers, a look at the way platforms manage to control the loans’ risk and to what extent, and the ways in which some of these platforms “turned rogue” and tried to find ways to scam their customers.

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