Huawei is included in the European 5G research club

Written by Diana Li || August 04 2014

At the start of this month, leading global supplier of information and communications technology (ICT) Huawei had joined the board of Europe’s 5G Infrastructure Association.

Working along with the European Commission and other industry partners such as Ericsson, the Shenzhen-based company will assist in managing the intracacies of 5G research with tests and large-scale trials. Other responsibilities include developing communication plans and globally publishing research results.

This new position compliments their 14.2 percent year-on-year earnings increase in the Chinese market this year, which could perhaps further boost China’s capital injection into the 5G sector and advance Huawei’s market potential for innovations in other mobile telecom technologies.

By the time the new generation of networks is officially introduced, we can expect a highly improved speed and stability of Internet connection to be beneficial and influential to increasing the use of mobile payments and banking. Huawei represents China’s strengthening support for research focused on the next generation of mobile telecom networks. We presume that by expanding its technological research environment, the giant technology company will provide even greater growth opportunities for China’s ICT industry.