Kapronasia was in Shanghai for the Hopkins China Forum event in May 2015. Zennon Kapron presented the attached slides on the latest financial innovations in China’s financial industry and how they are disrupting the sector.

Hedging the Dragon offers one of the most comprehensive looks into the Chinese Hedge Fund industry and details the potential opportunity for foreign hedge funds to enter the market providing insight on the market opportunity itself as well as some of the market entry options and key considerations for foreign funds as they consider the market.

White paper prepared by Kapronasia and The Disruption House and presented at Sibos 2015 in Singapore.

A new whitepaper from Kapronasia and Intel looks at the Future of Fintech in Asia

The Issues and Opportunities in Commission Management Report focuses on the challenges that global financial institutions are facing in the fee and commission management space and the solutions that they are implementing to overcome these challenges.

Big data in India has the potential of redefining banking, but the real question is if traditional banks are ready from a technology and strategic approach perspective.

As the world moves online, the financial industry is entering a new era where, for a significant swathe of the Indian population, the smartphone is their new banking channel, which brings in a host of security challenges.

Market and credit risk management were the main areas of risk management that Chinese banks had paid close attention to in the past, but with more operational fraud cases occurring both internationally and domestically in the past decade, Chinese banks have increasingly focused on operational risk management as a main type of risk.

Increasing business opportunities for Taiwanese banks to expand into mainland China and closer cross-straits collaboration will drive innovation in banking products and services and the use of information technology.

Intellectual property protection is a key consideration for financial technology companies in China. In this report, we look at the current issues and trends in IP protection in China and help companies understand the realities of selling their software or hardware into China.

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