Big data has become big business in China's financial industry. Find out how the Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and the banks themselves are leading the way in financial industry innovation.

What happens when you combine one of the most promising virtual currencies in the world with the largest country in the world? Even with the huge market potential though, will Bitcoin really take off in China? Can the Chinese consumer shift the value of the virtual currency as they did with gold in early 2013? What will the government eventually and inevitably do to control the currency? The Bitcoin in China: Chomping at the Bit report is one of the only reports available today that takes a comprehensive look at the current and potential market for Bitcoin in China.

Few Fintech technologies today are more discussed than blockchain. With the potential to disrupt how the basic plumbing of the financial industry functions, blockchain technology seems to be viewed as the solution for anything from payment reconciliation to settlement. Yet, what does this mean for India? What will the impact be and is India ready?

2017 was a year of significant interest into blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, and its application in China’s financial industry. Has the reality finally matched the hype or is the adoption of blockchain still lagging? What are the key user cases that are emerging and is it necessary for users to replace traditional technology with the new blockchain technology?

With Africa’s economy growing at such a rapid rate there has been concerns that the growth has not been inclusive to the low-income households. In 2007 M-Pesa revolutionised the way that Kenyans access banking products and it’s with this notion that WeChat went on to create WeChat Africa. Due to the recognized success of M-Pesa, WeChat Africa is already excelling with various partners and is aiming to further expand the apps inclusion and make the app the focal point of a person’s day to day life.

Kapronasia was in Hong Kong for Sungard's Financial Industry Day in July 2012 and Zennon Kapron presented the attached slides in two sessions on the latest trends and issues in China's economy and financial markets.

August 28 2014

China Moving Abroad

This report is one of the first public reports on the subject of Chinese moving their money abroad and is one of the most comprehensive reviews of current legal and illegal schemes employed by Chinese investors for allocating their funds abroad.

Since our initial 2012 report looking at 3rd party online payments in China, the market has changed dramatically with new entrants, consolidation and new business models. Our new online payments report looks at how the industry has changed and evolved over time to meet the needs of a changing market.

November 28 2014

China P2P Lending

As China’s financial industry continues on a path of continuous reform and change that started over 30 years ago, the pace of change has anything but slowed in the past few years. From private banks to the rise of mobile payments, the changes are impressive. However, no conversation on change in the industry would be complete without a discussion of Peer to Peer (P2P) lending.

March 14 2017

China Rural Finance

As the second largest economy in the world, China has come a long way in a very short period of time and many of its first tier cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, feel like any other large international cities in Europe or America. But China is still a developing country, and this is readily apparent in its more rural areas. There, one can see the effects of polluted air, food, and rivers. Empty villages bear witness to water loss, soil erosion, and land desolation. While China has experienced an unprecedented period of modernization, the benefits have not been evenly enjoyed across the country.

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