China's online banking and mobile banking continue to drive ahead

Written by Fiona Zhao || September 10 2014

China's online banking and mobile banking continue to be the key channels for customers who interact with their banks through 'e-channels' as data from iResearch, a Chinese online customer survey service provider, shows.

Due to internet growth in recent years, China's online banking services have continued to grow apace. As a result, 77.1% of e-banking consumers used online banking in 2013. In addition, thanks to netizens’ internet access habits shifting to mobile phones, as well as the rapid development of smart devices and mobile internet, the number of mobile banking users also saw a rapid increase: in 2013, 44.6% of e-banking consumers used mobile banking.

Geographically, users of both online banking and mobile banking seem to be concentrated in North and East China, which took up over 50% of all users. Moreover, users of online banking and mobile banking from ICBC, CCB and CMB accounted for more than 50% of total number of e-banking users.

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