618mn internet users in China and half a billion mobile internet users

Written by || January 17 2014

The sheer size of China's population and geography means that you get some pretty amazing statistics out of it. Couple that with increasing internet and mobile penetration and you have some pretty sizable numbers.

There are now 618 million internet users in China according to the latest numbers from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

China now has 618 million Internet users

This indicates an internet penetration of 45.8%, increasing once again and reaching nearly half the population. 

Mobile internet has also increased and fully 500 million Chinese neitzens use their phones to access the web, which means that 81% of all internet users access the web via their phones. 

China now has 500 million mobile internet users

We touched yesterday on the coming innovative wave in China's retail banking industry and the numbers above are a big part of that and will be a key part of what makes this wave of innovation so incredible. 

Watch this space.