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The Asian payments landscape is rapidly evolving as consumers, retailers, banks and corporations have new options and channels to move their money. Although the traditional debit/credit, ACH, and wire transfer rails all remain in place, the ecosystem that uses them has vastly expanded due to open APIs and enhanced mobile technologies. And in certain countries, like China, the race to cashless may already have been won.

09 Aug 2017




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The inauguration of the new India International Exchange (INX) on January 9, 2017 by India’s Prime Minister Modi in a new finance zone, the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City or GIFT city, heralds the possible beginning of a new era in offshore financial centers in Asia.

SibosGeneva Large

Sibos is in full-swing here in Geneva with a record number of delegates and exhibitors on Day One already. Kapronasia is delighted to be part of Sibos 2016 and will be participating in three sessions of the next couple of days. Please join us at one of our sessions to hear our insights on the latest Asia Financial Industry trends and how we can help your business succeed in Asia. 

Here are the highlights:

On Tuesday September 27th at 11am Zennon Kapron will be moderating the Payments Market Infrastructure Roundtable. The session is a closed door event with regulators and central banks across the region to discuss the latest trends and challenges in payment infrastructure in Asia. 

On Thursday the 29th of September from 12:45-13:45 in the Innotribe space, Zennon Kapron will be guest speaking on Fintech Hubs and more specifically the developments around China Fintech. 

Later that same afternoon on Thursday the 29th from 14:00-15:00 in Conference Room 3 (CR3), Zennon will join an expert panel to speak on the topic of Emerging Markets: Mobile money and financial inclusion.

We have already met many of you at the event, but there are three days left, and we have a few open time slots if you are interested in learning more about how Kapronasia's products and services may help you, please reach out: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

03 Jul 2016

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2018 Dec 7th - CNBC - Bitcoin plunges more than 11 percent to fresh lows for the year
2018 Nov 22th - CNBC - Chinese consumers aren't spending as much. Many are worried about the future
2018 Nov 19th - Nikkei Asian Review - Bitmain and Ebang's Hong Kong IPO dreams in question
2018 Nov 15th - CNBC - Bitcoin market cap falls below $100 billion for first time since October 2017
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2018 Oct 3rd - Bloomberg - How China's Peer to Peer Lending Crash is Destroying Lives
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2018 Sep 27th - Nikkei Asian Review - Top crypto mining equipment maker powers through bitcoin meltdown
2018 Sep 22nd - Nikkei Asian Review - Crypto mining IPOs head for Hong Kong despite bitcoin setbacks
2018 Sep 11th - The Economist - As regulators circle, China’s fintech giants put the emphasis on tech
2018 Sep 11th - Outriders - Inside a Cashless Society (almost)
2018 Aug 27th - Reuters - Chinese bitcoin mining rig makers aim to raise billions in HK IPOs
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2018 June 25th - Pandaily - Ant Financial Launched World’s First Blockchain Cross-Border Remittance Service
2018 June 8th - Forbes - Ant Financial Raises $14B to Fund Global Expansion
2018 June 5th - Reuters - Exclusive: Ant Financial shifts focus from finance to tech services: sources

2018 May 28th - Forbes - Ant Financial Said To Close $150B Funding Round
2018 May 17th - Forbes - China Leads The U.S. In Patent Applications For Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence
2018 April 24th - UBS - The road to cashless societies
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2018 April 12th - Forbes - How A U.S. - China Trade War Might Raise Apple and Huawei Smartphone Prices
2018 March 27th - Reuters - Twitter to ban crypto ads as online crackdown continues
2018 March 19th - After Tencent and Ctrip, Bank of East Asia eyes more partners for virtual banking
2018 March 8th - SCMP - China wants to be a front runner in blockchain technology even if the ban on bitcoin remains
2018 March 1st- AHK -The Convertibilty of the RMB
2018 January 19th - Economic Week -
The Taming of Bitcoin and Co
2018 January 18th - The Economist -
The threat of tough regulation in Asia sends crypto-currencies into a tailspin
2017 December 14th - Wired -
Inside China's Vast New Experiment In Social Ranking
2017 December 11th - MIT Technology Review -
Can China Contain Bitcoin?
2017 December 11th - Bloomberg -
Bitcoin Futures Deliver Wild Ride as Debut Brings Rally, Halts
2017 November 28th - CNBC -
The newest ICO trying to earn millions is a Chinese start-up worried about baby food
2017 November 27th- Forbes -
Boeing 747s To Luxury Villas: Why China's Businesses Are Offloading Assets In Massive Online Auctions
2017 October 2nd - Tech in Asia -
How fintech startups are using big data to solve China's huge credit gap
2017 September 20th - Fintech Innovation -
Ethereum to fuel Crypto coins passing US$1 trillion mark in 2017
2017 September 12th - CNBC -
Whats to come in China's bitcoin crackdown?
2017 September 5th - The Guardian - 
Cryptocurrency boom stalls as regulators focus on ICOs
2017 September 5th - Financial Times - 
China central bank declares initial coin offerings illegal
2017 September 4th -
South China Morning Post - China’s top consumer credit firm fined US$1.37 million for malpractice, executives fined, blacklistedChina’s top consumer credit firm fined US$1.37 million for malpractice, executives fined, blacklisted
2017 September 4th - Reuters - 
China bans initial coin offerings as illegal fundraising
2017 September 1st - Financial Times - 
China targets speculative frenzy from ‘initial coin offerings’
2017 August 31st - Campaign - 
Social media is the future of mobile payments in China
2017 August 31st - Techcrunch -
The first ICO unicorns are here
2017 August 28th - ASEAN Today -
Unfair competition favouring UnionPay against Visa and MasterCard?
2017 August 24th - Reuters -
China's Fosun invests in local version of bitcoin tech blockchain
2017 August 7th - The Moodie Davitt Report - 
Travel retailers lag behind other merchants in accepting mobile payments, says study
2017 August 6th - Asian Investor - 
Investors told: look beyond startups in China fintech
2017 August 4th - CNBC - 
It's a very good time to be a money launderer, and you can thank cryptocurrencies
2017 August 4th - NFC World -
Mobile payments in China: How the tech giants are changing the future of payments
2017 July 30th - Chinasquare - iTrends: Baidu betaalt met PayPal
2017 July 29th - Enterprise Innovation - Amazon invades Singapore, eyes bigger Southeast Asia market
2017 July 26th - Le Temps - 
Swatch investit le marché chinois du paiement mobile
2017 July 26th - SCMP - 
Chinese not so keen, or unable, to make mobile payments overseas
2017 July 23rd - Enterprise Innovation - 
China’s shadow banking crackdown needs a bigger stick
2017 July 19th - Benzinga - 
Kapronasia Launches New Study Looking at the Future of Anti-Money Laundering Solutions in Asia
2017 July 10th - Payments Disrupted - 
How the tech giants are changing the future of payments in China
2017 July 10th - NFC World - What's New in Payments, Volume Two
2017 July 2nd - The Moodie Davitt Report - 
Prepare for a mobile payment revolution among Chinese travelling shoppers, says new survey
2017 June 30th - Technode - 
How China's Mobile Payment Craze Will Affect the Future of Global Luxury Retailing
2017 June 30th - IBS Intelligence - Chinese toursits are driving mobile payments across the globe
2017 June 28th - Banking Technology - 
Money20/20 Europe: Asia in the ascendant
2017 June 19th - SCMP - 
P2P Platform Yirendai ready to move up a league or two, including into wealth management
2017 June 12th - Sina Finance - 蚂蚁金服上市前夜:移动支付遭遇微信挑战,蚂蚁海外凶猛扩张
2017 May 15th - Forbes - 
Your Mobile Money: Surviving A Day In China Without Cash Or Cards
2017 May 10th - Motherboard - 
China is on Track to Fully Phase Out Cash
2017 May 10th - One World Identity - 
Chinese mobile payment giants make landfall in U.S.
2017 April 26th - Analyse Asia - 
Ant Financial with Zennon Kapron
2017 April 24th - China Internet Watch - 
The Growth of Digital Payment Ecosystems in China: what it means for other countries
2017 April 20th - Tech In Asia - 
How WeChat Pay became Alipay's largest rival
2017 April 5th - Global Capital - 
Indian banks respond to Modi's Demonetization Shock Therapy
2017 March 29th - Tech In Asia - 
Ant Financial to build an open marketplace for finance products
2017 March 20th - The Moodie Davitt Report - Global study set to become “industry benchmark” for measuring impact of Asian mobile payments
2017 March 17th - Alternative Finance - 
Chinese robo advice could be opportunity for European fintech firms
2017 February 13th - FT - 
China mobile payments dwarf those in US as fintech booms, research shows
2017 January 31st - Digital Currency Executive Brief - 
China Pushes Banks to Adopt Blockchain Tech
2017 January 26th - Reuters - 
China turns to blockchain to make markets clearer and cleaner
2017 January 19th - Bloomberg - 
Stemming the Tide: Six Things China Can Do Next to Curb Outflows
2017 January 17th - Economist Intelligence Unit - 
Better Life Breakthroughs: Innovation in Investment
2017 January 9th - Bloomberg - 
Bitcoin Extends Loss After China’s Central Bank Warns Investors
2017 January 5th - CNN - 
China is freaking out bitcoin traders
2016 December 19th -
Faith-based Banking: Wealth Management Products in China
2016 December 10th - Fintech in China with Zennon Kapron
2016 December 5th - FT - 
Bank card groups to lose China market share
2016 December 2nd - Bitcoin Magazine - 
Bitcoin Price Reaches 2-Year High in China; Experts Predict Bull Market Likely to Continue
2016 November 25th - SCMP - 
China orders banks to stop issuing dual-currency credit cards to stem capital flight
2016 November 23rd - Aljazeera - 
Will China lift its ban on Facebook?
2016 November 14th - FT - Ant leads China's banks into the cloud
2016 November 2nd - Spend Matters -
China Trade Finance 2016: A closer look at the trends and issues shaping the market
2016 October 31st - Intheblack - Fuelled by remarkable achievements in education, Vietnam is newest high-tech success
2016 October 23rd - SCMP - 
Crackdown on underground banks intensifies as concerns over outflows increase
2016 September 19th - SCMP - 
Fintech – the next frontier for Hong Kong’s battle with Singapore?
2016 September 6th - Bobsguide - 
Kapronasia: The evolution of mobile money in China
2016 August 29th - FT - 
China banks starved of big data as mobile payments rise
2016 August 26th - Bloomberg -
China's Top Search Engine Freezes Bitcoin Ads Without Warning
2016 August 24th - Asia Money -
Banks and Fintech: Better Connected
2016 August 17th - Reuters - 
Rise of the machines: Chinese investors flock to robo-advisors
2016 August 9th - Fintech Innovation - 
6 percent VAT: opportunity and burden for Chinese financial institutions
2016 August 6th - Al Jazeera - 
Is the sun setting on Japan's economic slump?
2016 August 3rd - South China Morning Post - 
Bitcoin struggles for acceptance in Hong Kong
2016 August 2nd - Bloomberg - 
The Humbling of American Tech Giants in China
2016 August 1st - Bloomberg - 
Didi Schools Uber on Doing Business in Cut-Throat Chinese Market
2016 July 28th - SNL - Bitcoin makes comeback, as China emerges as center of virtual money trading
2016 July 18th - Enterprise Innovation - 
China’s EBS International eyes global market with network upgrade
2016 July 6th - eMarketer -
Mobile Taobao Users in China Skew Younger
2016 July 6th - Reuters - 
In up-to-$10 billion IPO, China's PSBC eyes ticket to online financial services boom
2016 June 29th - TechNode - 
Banks Need to Calm Down About Blockchain
2016 June 29th - Forbes - 
Will Thailand's E-Commerce 'Cashless' Boom Disrupt Asia's Retail Market? 
2016 June 24th - The Australian Financial Review -
 Brexit: Bitcoin Surges in Wake of Out Vote
2016 June 22nd - Corporate Treasurer - 
RBI extends action plan for NPAs
2016 June 1st - South China Morning Post - 
Hong Kong Struggling to Keep Pace with Regional Peers in Fintech
2016 May 31st - The Wall Street Journal - 
China Buying Sparks Bitcoin Surge
2016 May 24th - CKGSB Knowledge - 
Will Ant Financial Become Wildly Successful Like Taobao?
2016 May 13th - The Straits Time - 
China reins in peer-to-peer lending
2016 May 11th - Fintech Innovation - 
Building trust with P2P lending 
2016 May 4th - Forbes - UnionPay Partners With Smartphone Brands In Bid For China's Online Payment Market -- Could It Work?
2016 May 4th - Fintech Innovation - Singapore bows to UK as second largest RMB Exchange: New tax rules to curve China’s e-commerce market
2016 April 17th - China Daily – Cashing out
2016 April 13th – Bobsguide - The Globalisation of Fintech
2016 March 31st - Forbes - China's Traditional Banks Still Have A Chance To Win Millennials Over
2016 March 28th - Forbes - Why It's Too Early To Count Apple Pay Out In China
2016 March 17th - Forbes - Measuring Credit: How Baidu, Alibaba And Tencent May Succeed Where Facebook Failed
2016 March 15th - Asian Venture Capital Journal - Transition Time
2016 March 11th - Reuters - 
Fintech growth accelerates in Asia with record $4.5 billion investments
2016 March 1st - Fintech Innovation - 2016 FSI opportunities in China
2016 February 29th - Enterprise Innovation - Party is over: 2016 is year of consolidation for P2P lending and payments in China
2016 February 16th - CCTV America - Zennon Kapron on China peer-to-peer lending
2016 February 5th - Straits Times - Online lender orchestrated $10.8b ponzi scheme
2016 February 4th - Bloomberg - China's Biggest Ponzi Scheme Shows Rot in Internet Financing
2016 February 3rd - Bloomberg - Ex-Bodyguard Turns Spare Change Into Digital Cash Startup
2016 January 21st - Bloomberg - Chinese Central Bank Studies Prospect of Own Digital Currency
2016 January 4th - South China Morning Post - Can the state take China’s mobile payments market in 2016? Experts think not

China's Fosun invests in local version of bitcoin tech blockchain

2015 December 27th - Fintech Innovation - Compliance key to bank adoption of Bitcoin
2015 December 15th - Fintech Innovation - Baidu last BAT to operate as private bank in China
2015 November 29th - Tech in Shanghai Podcast - Zennon Kapron, Kapronasia
2015 November 27th - The Street - China easing restrictions on thousands of OTC stocks
2015 November 23rd - MIT Technology Review - Funding China's Next Innovators
2015 October 1st - BobsGuide - Sibos Speaker Interview
2015 September 26th - CoinDesk - Why Bitcoin Can Flourish in China
2015 September 16th - The Street - Why China's 'Circuit Breaker' Won't Halt Stock Selloff
2015 September 9th - Enterprise Innovation - Personalized PayPal.Me goes live in 18 countries but no clear plans for Asia
2015 August 14th - Enterprise Innovation - Disruptive Opportunities in China's Banking Sector
2015 June - Fintech Innovation - Fitch says slowing China not good for APAC banks
2015 May - Card & Payments World - Western payment models fail Chinese test
2015 May 31st - Bloomberg Businessweek - A Chinese Phone Aimed at Hipsters
2015 May 26th - The Economist Intelligence Unit - Region of the renminbi
2015 May 26th - Fintech Innovation - Disruptive opportunities in the banking sector in China
2015 May 4th - SIM Management 360- Exploring the Bitcoin and Innovation and Financial Regulation in China
2015 April 10th - The Straits Times - Chinese wary of new deposit insurance plan
2015 April - Campaign Magazine - Internet giants turn financial upstarts
2015 April 8th - Business Insider - Why Apple Pay could be huge in China
2015 March 26th - Treasury Today Asia - RMB superhighway soon to open for business
2015 March 16th - GKGSB Knowledge - Shanghai Stock Exchange: Baffling Bourse
2015 Feb 27th - Bloomberg Business - Intel Buys Its Way Deeper Into China
2015 Feb 16th - GKGSB Knowledge - The Dawn of Chinese Consultancy Companies
2015 Feb 12th - Institutional Investor - Global Money Management Quarterly - Investors Test New Entries To Assets In China
2015 Feb 3rd - AllCoinNews.com - Drivers for Bitcoin Adoption Not Present in China
2015 Jan 30th - Channel News Asia - Singapore Tonight - TV Interview
2015 Jan 26th - MIT Technology Review - Alipay Leads a Digital Finance Revolution in China
2015 Jan 19th - South China Morning Post - Direct banking services still face challenges in China
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