On a regular basis, Kapronasia produces a number of independent research reports looking at key issues and topics in the Asian financial services industry. In addition to yearly overviews of fintech, banking, capital markets, and digital currency, we also cover a number of unique topics that are especially critical to the market. 

Throughout the year, our research calendar will address:

  • Latest market trends, issues and regulations
  • Vendor competitive outlook and strategic guidance
  • Customer needs and competitive gaps
  • Adoption of new technologies and services

Through proprietary sources of secondary research and strong connections with industry leaders and insiders, we publish regular content and research reports to help clients better understand the challenges and opportunities in the market. Kapronasia’s research answers key questions that are critical for companies focused on the financial industry:

  • How will the latest and upcoming regulations impact my product and services offering? 
  • What are the key industry trends and what do I need to do to stay ahead of my competition?
  • How do Chinese financial institutions view technology within their own organisation and how do they make spending decisions on a particular type of technology?
  • What are the major financial technology deals in the past twelve months from both domestic and foreign vendors?
  • How does my technology offering compare to others in the market and how competitive are we?


To see our reports, please take a look at some of our banking and capital markets research reports here. Reports can be purchased separately or as part of our Asia financial industry research corporate subscription. 

Analyst Access

In addition to the research library access, clients also have direct access to the same research analysts who research and write each report. Clients may contact these analysts at any time for additional advice and information. Typical discussions would cover topics such as: 

  • Industry ecosystem introductions
  • Potential M&A analysis
  • Specific market segmentation / market sizing questions
  • China Market strategy review / analysis
  • Competitive / product gap analysis

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