Asia Financial Technology Consulting

Leveraging Kapronasia’s deep domain expertise, industry network, experience and research experience, Kapronasia works with clients on a wide range of business and technology-strategy advisory consulting engagements within the payments, banking, capital markets, and crypto-currency segments. 

Examples of consulting engagements include:

  • Strategy Review – Kapronasia works with clients to review and analyze strategies for product development / roadmaps, product or service introduction, customer targeting and acquisition and operations.
  • Market Entry Strategy – Kapronasia helps financial institutions and vendors formulate detailed, actionable market entry strategies.
  • Competitive Intelligence – Kapronasia helps clients conduct detailed competitive analysis to better understand the competitive landscape.
  • Gap Analysis – Kapronasia identifies gaps in product and service offerings that should be addressed in order for clients to compete more effectively.
  • Vendor Evaluation & Selection – Kapronasia works with financial institutions to identify the right technology solutions for existing technology infrastructure to meet business needs and comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment.
  • Market Opportunity Sizing and Positioning – Kapronasia analysts work with clients to size and analyze market opportunities and help them position their products in the market.
  • Due Diligence – Kapronasia analysts conduct due diligence associated with investment prospects around technology, business models, usability, and competitiveness.
  • ROI Analysis – Kapronasia works with financial institutions to evaluate technology investments including building financial models and case studies utilizing predictive analysis to provide a clear view of the costs and expected return on investments over time.

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