Researching and developing a fintech market entry strategy for a Fortune 500 company

Rolling out a new product can be a daunting task, especially in such a complex market as China is. To make sure not a single part of the equation was missing, a Fortune 500 company hired Kapronasia to lend its China expertise and research capabilities.


A Fortune 500 hardware solution provider was exploring ways to tap into an emerging space of physical security for financial institutions and was considering China to be among the first markets to test its new product.


Kapronasia conducted an extensive research, with analysis spanning macro-economy, the financial industry and the potential product’s position within it. We leveraged our comprehensive market entry framework for a thorough and systematic study of market structure and business environment. By looking at existing and potential competition we identified client’s strengths and weaknesses as well as feasible market entry strategies.


Kapronasia presented a strategy plan supported by customer insight survey and financial models, spelling out multiple market entry options available for the technology company. We outlined marketing, distribution and partnering strategies, with a detailed timeline and potential revenues. These deliverables were presented to top management of the company.