Providing local sales support for a Supplier of trading latency measurement solutions

The opportunity arises for a sale in Asia, but you do not have the manpower in China to manage it, nor do you understand the local financial services landscape. Need someone trustworthy to manage the sales cycle for you? Kapronasia can help.


A leading supplier capital markets latency measurement and management solutions was contacted by a Chinese commodities exchange who was interested in its product, but the provider did not have the manpower, language skills, and knowledge of the local business environment to manage the sales process in China effectively. They came to Kapronasia for assistance.


Kapronasia served as the main point of contact for the local prospect, identified potential problems and optimal solutions, and facilitated the complete sales cycle.


Although the client did not win the project due to cost, both the client and the end-customer were impressed and satisfied with the entire sales process and how Kapronasia helped to facilitate.