Evaluating A Fintech Investment for a Fortune 100 Corporate VC

Looking to make an investment in the financial services industry? Need further research on a potential investment? Kapronasia can help. In this case, Kapronasia helped a large multinational technology make a smart investment decision.


The corporate VC arm of a large multinational technology company was looking to invest in a Financial Services Technology Company to expand their business. They understood the technology, but didn’t have the knowledge of either the financial services industry or the target company was so they contacted Kapronasia to help with the due-diligence.


Kapronasia worked with the client to understand their target investment objectives and then after a period of both primary and secondary due diligence and research, presented the client with a detailed recommendation on the investment covering:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Business Overview
  • Company Fundamentals
  • Interviews with Customers
  • Strategic Fit for client


Based on information provided during the Kapronasia research study, the client decided not to invest and continues to work with Kapronasia on its China strategy.