Enhancing Sales and Building Brand for a Leading core banking software supplier

Confused about who you need to approach to get thing done? Unsure about how to catch these people’s attention? In this case, Kapronasia helps a top supplier of software boost sales by getting in touch with the right people and build brand equity by showcasing their market expertise.


A large American software supplier wanted to increase its sales of information systems software to banks in Taiwan, but was unsure of how to boost its sales pipeline. It also wanted to build more brand awareness in Asia.


Kapronasia conducted extensive research on key topics of interest for Taiwanese banks, summing up the best way to approach potential customers. Kapronasia also set up a PR event, putting the client in touch with 20 key decision-makers from Taiwan’s top banks.


The client maintained relationships with 10+ of the decision-makers, and now enjoy having more customers approaching them instead of the other way around.