Defining a Market Entry Strategy for a Top-3 US Investment Web-portal

Looking to expand your business, but not sure if Asia is the place to do it? In this case, Kapronasia analyzes an American company’s potential, selects the right local partners, helping the firm develop a solid presence in the Chinese financial services sector.


A heavily trafficked investment web portal in the US was looking to come to China and needed to understand the market potential as well as potential partners that they could work with to establish a foothold in the market.


After understanding the client’s key customer base and partner criteria, Kapronasia researched the market and then worked with the client to define an entry / business strategy including:

  • Company structure
  • Product Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Partnering Strategy


The client was able to short cut the often laborious process of selecting potential partners by utilizing the research and strategy recommendations from Kapronasia and used the shortlisted partner profiles to select and negotiate with a preferred partner.