Analyzing the pan-Asia Product Opportunity for a Global 150 Bank

You have already made the decision to go into Asia, but you aren’t exactly sure where to focus. Plus, you aren’t sure which segment to target, and which local partners to trust. Kapronasia can help. In this case, Kapronasia provided in-depth research to a multi-national bank, and architected a comprehensive regional strategy.


A multi-national bank with a regional HQ in Singapore needed to understand which countries presented the best opportunity for their new finance products across Asia. They contracted Kapronasia to help them conduct an in-depth market assessment and create a comprehensive strategy to take advantage of the opportunity.


A three phase project. Phase one looked at the overall Asia market opportunity across 10+ countries. Phase two looked at individual country opportunities uncovered through face-to-face interviews with customers and partners. Phase three brought all that information together into a comprehensive strategy for the client.


Results were presented to the client in terms of recommendations on country focus for future business development efforts and these recommendations were subsequently implemented by the bank.