Case Studies

Kapronasia works with both small and large global companies. To understand more about some of the work that we do, please take a look through some of our case studies below.

Rolling out a new product can be a daunting task, especially in such a complex market as China is. To make sure not a single part of the equation was missing, a Fortune 500 company hired Kapronasia to lend its China expertise and research capabilities.

Even experts need a little extra insight sometimes. In this case, Kapronasia was called on for its specialized expertise in the capital markets of China.

So you are looking to expand your financial services products to the Asian market, but is China the right next step for your company? Kapronasia can lend insight to this dilemma.

The opportunity arises for a sale in Asia, but you do not have the manpower in China to manage it, nor do you understand the local financial services landscape. Need someone trustworthy to manage the sales cycle for you? Kapronasia can help.

You would like to expand your business, and you need the right information before making any decisions, but the current financial industry research out there just isn’t cutting it. Frustrated? Kapronasia can help.

Confused about who you need to approach to get thing done? Unsure about how to catch these people’s attention? In this case, Kapronasia helps a top supplier of software boost sales by getting in touch with the right people and build brand equity by showcasing their market expertise.

Looking to expand your business, but not sure if Asia is the place to do it? In this case, Kapronasia analyzes an American company’s potential, selects the right local partners, helping the firm develop a solid presence in the Chinese financial services sector.

You have already made the decision to go into Asia, but you aren’t exactly sure where to focus. Plus, you aren’t sure which segment to target, and which local partners to trust. Kapronasia can help. In this case, Kapronasia provided in-depth research to a multi-national bank, and architected a comprehensive regional strategy.

Looking to make an investment in the financial services industry? Need further research on a potential investment? Kapronasia can help. In this case, Kapronasia helped a large multinational technology make a smart investment decision.

It isn’t easy to identify the right people to work with in a new city, much less get their attention and set up business meetings. In this case, Kapronasia takes the sales team of our new client into the heart of Hong Kong and Singapore, placing them in the right position to take advantage of fresh sales opportunities.