• Digital Payments in China: Still more disruption to come?

    Digital Payments in China: Still more disruption to come?

    Digital payments have changed the retail landscape in China with an estimated 20% of all retail payments to be digital by 2020. But have they run out of steam? A new report from Kapronasia looks in detail. Read More
  • A new research report from Kapronasia: Blockchain for Banking in India

    A new research report from Kapronasia: Blockchain for Banking in India

    Our latest report looks at blockchain technology and examines the potential impact on one of the world's largest financial industries. Read More
  • Tencent's WeChat push into Thailand hits some bumps

    Tencent's WeChat push into Thailand hits some bumps

    Thai regulators have issued some strong words on WeChat entering Thailand. Is this a one-off or a longer challenge for the BAT as they expand? Read More
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Fintech has the potential to completely change India's financial industry, but are banks and traditional vendors ready? Which fintech offerings are potentially the most disruptive? What is the role of India’s IT industry in strengthening the fintech ecosystem? The Fintech in India report explores key issues for banks and technology vendors and defines what the financial industry of the future will be.
Blockchain for Banking in India
Few fintech technologies today are more discussed than blockchain. With the potential to disrupt how the basic plumbing of the financial industry functions, blockchain technology seems to be viewed as the solution for anything from payment reconciliation to settlement. Yet, what does this mean for India? What will the impact be and is India ready?
Asia's conditions are ripe for fintech, but proper regulatory frameworks are critical. Where will Asia's next big fintech be? Where are governmental approaches lacking? The Fintech Regulation in Asia report analyzes what is happening across Asia in the fintech space from a regulatory perspective and assess the fintech readiness of key Asian as well as the critical factors for success.

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Securities market regulator the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has taken credit rating agencies to task after a spate of fiascos wherein a rating agency downgraded a certain paper from BBB+ to BB+ and finally D all within a span of month. In another case the credit rating agency suspended ratings on a certain stock citing non-availability of sufficient information. Interestingly, in both the cases the companies have been called out for debt servicing issues in the wake of the NPA process at major Indian banks.

The Department of Post (DoP) is all set to launch its payments bank by September this year after receiving the in-principle approval from the RBI to launch the same in August last year. With over 154,000 post offices of which 130,000 are operating in rural pockets of the country the new bank is expected to be a sure winner on account of the distribution strength. No wonder that some of the world's top 50 banks including Barclays of England, Deutsche Bank of Germany, Citi Bank of USA and the World Bank wanted to link themselves with the postal department for a piece of the action.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has proposed that commercial banks need to institute a Board-approved Cyber Security Policy no later than September 30, in a bid to address the growing number of cyber threats and reported incidents of cyber crime in the banking industry. The RBI set the rules in a letter to bank chief executives this month, with Regional Rural Banks exempt from the change. The use of technology in banks, already an "integral part" of operational strategy, has gained further momentum, hence the need for such guidelines, the RBI said.

Last week, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) issued a new scheme for evaluating risk in online insurance. Aimed at providing consistent development of the industry and ensuring proper risk management, the scheme is focused on the business model and operations of internet insurance companies. Companies offering life insurance, financial insurance, and other insurance areas are all covered by the new supervisory scheme. The review will take place in three steps, carried out over the course of five months.